Ampler is a smart electric bike for the urban commuter that gets you further without breaking a sweat

Berlin - April 2018 - After a successful Indiegogo campaign in 2016 raising almost €160.000, Ampler Bikes now has released three new pedal-assist bikes. The Curt, Stout, and Stellar models are all handmade in Tallinn and although they look like a regular bike, they are in fact electric and have an estimated reach of 70 km on a single charge. After having sold over 1000 bikes in 21 countries, they are now ready to take on the world with these stealthy bikes.

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Ampler Bikes has been building light electric bikes since 2014 when the three founders – all with engineering backgrounds – started building the first prototype of what would later become Ampler. They discovered that the resulting bike would be a great solution to heavy congestion and a lack of parking spaces in cities, as well as physical barriers such as wind and hills. This set them on their way to completely solve the commuting problem by offering an alternative that works even better: the e-bike that looks like a regular bike.

Riding Ampler is simple – you simply cycle. The smart electronics fitted within the frame measure the power you apply and simply match it, making pedaling lighter and getting places quicker. With the 70 km range, you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery. The mobile app lets the user customize assist modes, calibrate electronics, update their bike and track their rides. Starting at 14 kg, Ampler is just as light as a normal bicycle and 35% lighter than the average electric bike.

Buying an Ampler Bike is easy and all bikes are assembled in Europe and delivered to your door free of charge. All shipping fees and taxes in the EU are already taken care of. Ampler Bikes doesn't have a network of distributors or expensive storage facilities, so they can be competitive with similar specced bike brands.

Ampler is opening a flagship store in Berlin at the end of May, which will operate as the hub for the company’s German and Central European operations. More info is coming soon.

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About Ampler Bikes:

Ampler Bikes launched in April 2016 with an Indiegogo campaign, during which Ampler successfully raised $158,000, kick-starting its international operations. Ampler aims to solve the commuting problem once and for all by developing the best pedal assist bikes out there. The 15-person team is based in Berlin and Tallinn and consists of cyclists, technologists, and engineers who cleverly designed their own battery and electronics, which are hidden within the frame, keeping the looks minimalist. And the rider happy.

About the different models:

Curt: Raw. Untamed. Fast.

Curt is a fast-moving and bold city charger that stripped of all excess. The athletic and lightweight nature is combined with a sporty geometry, making the ride feel firm and highly responsive – just like a true racer.

Stout: Unconditional. Versatile. Unpretentious.

Stout is a strong and versatile modern commuter bicycle that gives you an outstanding ride experience coupled with the support and comfort you expect from a ride-everywhere commuter.

Stellar: Versatile. Genuine. Unconditional.

Stellar is a modern city commuter, offering you the comfort and flexibility of a citybike, and the exciting and fast electric feel of a 21st century e-bike.

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