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Ampler challenges you to go on a 1000 km ride

And if you complete the test ride you get to keep the bike!

Following the first-ever Ampler Challenge in July 2018, when the Dutchman Alain Buffing rode an Ampler electric bike 800 km from Amsterdam to Berlin in 6 days, Ampler Bikes is now opening up the test ride of a lifetime to the public. The application is open to everyone who wants to undertake the 500 km - 1000 km distance and the riders can keep the bike after the successful completion of the trip.

The Ampler Challenge draws attention to the benefits of cycling and how electric bikes take away most excuses for not getting on a bicycle. Riding an electric bike results in a 12x reduction in CO2 emissions per kilometre compared to a passenger car (22 g/km vs. 271 g/km). Additionally, electric bikes remove obstacles like hills, wind, longer-than-average distance and sweat from the equation, so that terrain or physical shape are no longer factors.

Last year’s Ampler Challenge was ridden without the rider preparing physically for it beforehand in any special way. This was done to showcase that electric bikes take away both physical and mental barriers from cycling - and that anyone can do it.

This year’s Ampler Challenge can be proposed by anyone in the public, as long as the route is up to 1000 km long and located in Europe. Ampler provides the riders with a bike, on-the-road accommodation and support. And since it is a test ride, if the rider likes the bike at the end of it, they get to keep it.

Here’s how to apply:

  • Select a route that’s up to 1000 km long – use Komoot, Strava or Google Maps to plan it and send us the link or screenshot of the route. We’ll help you fine-tune it afterwards.
  • Write a short overview about yourself and why you want to do the Ampler Challenge. If you wish to do the Ampler Challenge together with a friend or a partner, include a few sentences about them as well.
  • Select your favourite Ampler bike for the Challenge - you get to keep it afterwards.  
  • Include your contact details, so that Ampler could get in touch.

The deadline for submitting your Ampler Challenge is the 26th of May. Ampler will announce the chosen Challenges on the 31st of May. Submit your Challenge in the online form below.

Press photos:

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