PEdAL ED launches a new color for the Odyssey Collection

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Amsterdam, May 2019 - The Odyssey Collection is now available in a black color jersey, a great option for long days on the saddle. This jersey is first of its kind with seven pockets and designed to keep everything you need while travelling on two wheels.

PEdAL ED believes that experiences are the essential elements when designing new garments. The Odyssey Collection is a culmination of what the designers have learned since 2007. Cyclists crossing Europe in the Transcontinental Race, professional races with Britain’s oldest team, JLT Condor, and exploring Kyrgyzstan during the first Silk Road mountain race have all contributed to the steps that were taken to develop this collection.


The black Odyssey is designed to be the ultimate Jersey for adventures on two wheels, with its seven pockets and high visibility details combined with the innovative Sensitive skin® fabric. The jersey is the first Jersey in the world to feature seven pockets, two lateral, three big cargo pockets on the back, one zip pocket for values and an extra dry mesh pocket on the back if you are carrying wet garments. Reflective elements on the back, on the arms and on the back pockets offer the necessary visibility when riding in dark conditions.

The Sensitive® fabric that PEdAL ED has developed over the years is extremely comfortable when riding in different weather conditions. It guarantees extreme breathability, dries quickly and has an anti-odor protection.


- Seven cargo pockets

- Reflective elements

- Sensitive skin ®fabric

- Made in Italy


PEdALED was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 2007 by creative talent Hideto Suzuki. Suzuki began creating beautiful and functional apparel to complement his cycling lifestyle in Tokyo. The brand started out of love for cycling and has since created a number of award-winning collections. PEdALED believes that each garment's feature can improve function and performance as well as make the most comfortable and long-lasting garments on the market. PEdALED apparel is now handmade in Italy, where the heart of cycling apparel production lies.

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