Cycles Berthoud Continues International Growth with Classic and New Products

This timeless French brand had a great 2019 and for 2020, even more in store!

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For nearly 50 years, Cycles Berthoud has been quietly putting out some of the cycling industry's most aeastically pleasing and time tested durable bike products in the world. From classic handmade cotton and leather bags and panniers to custom bicycle frames and leather saddles to custom CNC's accessories, everything that Berthoud does is designed around the pragmatic elegance of classic French bike touring.

The recent (re)rise of randonneuring and new adventure cycling craze have brought more attention to more challenging riding styles. Witnessing how today's endurance and touring riders are simply beating the hell out of (themselves) their bikes and gear more than ever, Berthoud went back to the drawing board to create a top quality and extremely long last leather saddles as well some new versions of their classic bags.

Berthoud baggage boasts a timeless look, as well as a beautiful homage decades of French randonneuring heritage and style. Placing a Berthoud bag on your bike is an intentional portage solution that not only increases your bicycle's versatility but signals an appreciation for audax flair. Even with modern bikes, you can utilize a Berthoud hag to carry more with more style.

Berthoud's saddles are some of the most comfortable in the world. Their proprietary design, shape and construction combine to a unique saddle that gets better with age. Each model is purposed for different riding disciplines from uprifht commuting, long distance touring and even racing!

What’s even better, in the case of damage or requirement for repair they are fully and easily rebuildable:

Berthoud also produces leather handlebar wrap (except the “cork” finish) and CNC'd anodised bar-ends in colors matching their saddles . It’s one of the most luxurious and unique handlebar tape and bar-end combos you’ll find anywhere.

Beyond the many years of experience that each member of the Cycles Berthoud team possesses, knowledge has been passed down from other manufactuers as well. Before starting production a decade ago of their leather saddles, founder and former proprietor, Gilles Berthoud tracked down employees from the long-defunct French saddle maker Idéale to learn about the craft of making leather saddles.

The same applies to the bags and panniers. For the last 20 years, they all have been made by one woman: Véronique Durand. And she in turn was trained for three years by a seamstress from Sologne, the bag maker that pioneered these bags in the 1950s. All this experience shows in products that are among the best in the world.


In today's marginal gains and aspire for every advantage cycling culture, Berthoud's products are certainly not at odds with lightweight builds or racing endeavours, but actually are exceedling well suited to competition (brevets) long (ultra-) distance races as well. They have the benefit of breaking in to your body's custom curves over time, and it offer flexibility and durability that distance riders flock to.

Maybe you might know Ted King AKA "King of gravel". He has won the Dirty Kanza and Grinduro gravel races in 2018 perched upon a Galibier titanium rail leather saddle by Berthoud.

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Most recently, Berthoud has started making modern X-PAC black bags, some limited edition color saddles, and a bar-end mirror. Twotone can arrange samples for testing. Just let us know!

About Cycles Berthoud:

Cycles Berthoud is a classic, nearly 50 year old French manufacturer where a small team of artisans make high-end randonneuring bags, leather saddles, diverse accessories and bicycles. Their products are revered and available for retail globally but Berthoud still prefers - and requires - clients to come into their shop in Pont-de-Vaux France, near Mâcon, for in-person measurements and fitting for a custom bicycle.

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