The Twotone gifting guide (UK) - the best presents for any cyclist

Avoid any and all last-minute gift stress with these amazing products

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We're on the verge of the holiday season and that means one thing; gifts. This can always get tricky, especially if your spouse or loved one is a cyclist and you have no idea what to get him or her. Luckily our clients make a ton of great products that will make cyclists of any level (very) happy. Below we've made a summary of this season most wanted products.

Under £100

Cycles Berthoud CNC machined bar ends with leather trim (€28)

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These handlebar plugs are made of a silver (black) anodised alloy CNC-machined body, leather ring, brass washer and stainless steel screw. They come in multiple colours and will be the cherry on the cake for any bike. Plus a perfect complement to Berthoud their leather bar tape, mudflap and of course their saddles.

SILCA Nastro Piloti Bar Tape (€45)

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New bar tape is always refreshing on any bike. SILCA their NASTRO PILOTI is a 1.85mm thick tape which provides cushioning equivalent to 2.5mm thick tapes. The Asymmetric texture inspired by F1 tire technology allows the tape to be wrapped in either a moderate texture or high texture format depending on preference.

Cycles Berthoud CNC machined bar end mirror (€78)

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Discreet and elegant, this mirror has a subtle look and will prove to be essential to your safety on the road.

Just like their other products, it's designed and manufactured in France from hi quality materials. CNC machined and anodized aluminum, as well as a hand tinted vegetable-tanned leather washer.

Product page (black) Product page (silver)

Pelago Commuter Front Rack (€99)

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The Pelago Commuter Front Rack is a classic porteur-style rack, that works great for anything from daily commuting to longer tours. You can easily carry anything. From school books, to sports gear, camping equipment or even a late night pizza. The rack also has additional attachment points for panniers.

SILCA T-Ratchet Ti-Torque (€99)

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Perhaps the perfect tool for any keen cyclist. With the amount of carbon fiber components being used on bikes these days make owning a torque wrench more important than it's ever been. The T-Ratchet + Ti Torque is a portable torque wrench that's suited to both roadside and home use.

Between £100 - £200

Pelago Merino Sweater (€125)

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This quality cycling-ready sweaters made of 100% merino wool. Naturally breathable fibres provide great insulation from cold weather, yet are still feel comfortable in warmer weather and indoors. It comes in various colours and tailored cuts for men and women. Plus the back pocket is large enough to fit a phone.

Product page (men) Product page (women)

SILCA Maratona Gearbag (€195)

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 The Maratona Gear Bag was designed as a cycling specific travel bag for weekend riding trips and races, yet is versatile enough to be used as a general travel bag. Our designers gathered feedback from both professional and amateur riders to create a gear bag that addresses the common pain points of traveling with cycling gear.

Berthoud Aspin Leather Saddle (€199)

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The Berthoud Aspin touring saddle is manufactured in house from thick natural vegetable tanned leather. This beautiful saddle is pre-softened to shorten the break-in period. The bolt assemblies at the rear of the saddle are situated behind the area on which the cyclist sits, so risk free of damaging cycling shorts or skin!

Between £200 - £500

Berthoud Handlebar Bag GB25 black (€205)

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Cycles Berthoud their icon. A made-in-France handlebar bag which attaches to the handlebars with two leather straps or, better, with a "décaleur". The lid opens on the handlebar side and all the pockets are closed by a hook and elastic string, both features making using the bag while riding easier.

SILCA SuperPista Digital pump (€275)

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This third generation SILCA SuperPista combines all of the handcrafted elements which have made SuperPista the go-to pump of the ProTour for over 30 years, with SILCA's two most requested features: a high accuracy digital gauge, and gauge readout located at the top of the barrel for easier reading.

Pelago Kiddo Bike (€295)

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The Pelago Kiddo was born out of the idea to cherish cycling as a pure form of transport, starting from your first proper bike. Learning to ride is a unique experience that may become one of the most memorable moments in life and stay with you forever. Available in two colour options; black and green.

All out, over £500

Pelago Brooklyn (€525)

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Every dedicated cyclist needs a great bike for around time. The design takes inspiration from the classic Dutch bike, it will take you from A to B with ease. Made with reliable quality components, the Brooklyn feels smooth and easy to ride. The steel frame and puncture protected tyres soften the cracks and road vibrations.

Spengle Carbon Monocoque Wheels (€1490)

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A wheel upgrade will make any bike feel like new again. The SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque is designed to be the fastest, safest, and most agile ENDURO wheel on the market, it is equally at home as an all-mountain/XC wheel, and it’s an awesome 650b gravel-bike wheel. These come with fun guaranteed.

Ampler Curt (€2890)

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The Ampler Curt is an e-bike stripped of all excess, only keeping that which is key to a fierce ride. The stiff frame, full-carbon fork and straight handlebars give Curt an athletic look and keep the weight down to just 13.5 kg. Combined with sporty geometry, the ride feels firm and highly responsive – just like a true racer.

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