Celebrate this season with the Specialized's gift picks

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Amsterdam, 5th of November 2019 - The countdown for this holiday season has begun, which means it’s time for gifts! It can get tricky and stressful to get your loved ones the perfect gift, especially if they are into bikes as much as we are. So we did most of the work for you, we made the finest selection of Specialized’s best presents for this holiday season. Don’t want spend a lot this year or planning on spoiling that special someone? We made an overview of gifts between $25 up to $400.

Deflect H20 Jacket

Matching outfits always seem to win, from ugly sweaters to Deflect™ Reflect H20 Jackets, a comfortable versatile piece for adverse weather riding. Micro-fleece dots have been fused onto the water-proof breathable membrane, making it more comfortable. The geometric reflective pattern is composed of millions of microscopic glass beads that reflect light back to the source, making you visible from 360° on dark and stormy nights.

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Wind long sleeve jersey

The HyprViz Collection is the solution to 24-hour visibility, which is definitely needed during the dark winter months. Specialized combined Hyper Green (the most visible color on the light spectrum) with motion-activated reflectivity, colors, and patterns to drastically increase your visibility in all conditions. The fleece insulation throughout the jersey keeps you warm, while the wind-resistant, softshell chest panel cuts out wind chill. Other features that make this long sleeve your winter favorite include reflective details for increased visibility, three rear pockets, including a water-resistant one, and a road fit that prevents flapping.

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Element Cycling Bibs Tights

Hitting the road and riding in the cold takes a special kind of dedication and mental fortitude. With this in mind, Specialized built the Element Cycling Bib Tights to be your perfect training partner this winter. The bibs are partly made of one of the most protective, warming materials in the business—Element Soft Shell. This material is extremely wind- and water-resistant. While remaining soft against the skin and quite breathable, it's also highly efficient at wicking moisture away from the skin. To further protect any cyclists against the cold, select panels of the tights are constructed from the insulating Therminal™ fabric.

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The HyprViz Body Geometry Grail Long Finger Gloves comes with a full a hyper visibility color treatment that increases your visibility to everybody on the road. The Geometry Grail Long Finger Gloves are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested for the best possible fit and protection. Featuring a proprietary pad system designed by Dr. Kyle Bickel M.D., they're scientifically tested to help reduce hand numbness by improving circulation and equalizing pressure in the soft tissues of the hand. Even further, you'll find a durable synthetic leather palm, breathable mesh at the top of the hand, and our acclaimed Equalizer™ gel padding at the palm.

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Helmets with ANGi

Specialized doesn’t compromise when it comes to safety. They created a new all-in-one ride tracker, crash detector and safety beacon called ANGi. The sensor gives you and your loved ones piece of mind by detecting and reporting potentially dangerous helmet impacts, which notifies your chosen emergency contacts and sends them the most recent GPS coordinates. The sensor calls for help when you can’t. The ANGi Crash Sensor can be bought separately and is also available on Ambush, S-Works Evade and S-Works Prevail II.

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Mountain bike and Road Shoes

The perfect road cycling shoes comes from a combination of exceptional power transfer, superior comfort and undeniable style. The S-Works 7 Road Shoes doesn’t compromise any of these elements and therefore combines them all. These shoes embodies everything known about footwear, compacted into one shoe —just explosive speed and superior comfort.

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Looking for a capable and all around mountain bike shoe? Look no further, the Rime 1.0 is what you’re looking for. It features a host Body Geometry hallmarks that can be found in all Specialized’s shoes, plus sweet tech like an X-PEL water management system that reduces water absorption while drastically improving dry time. They’ve added SlipNot Rubber outsole, a Lollipop midsole, and a relaxed fit that balances pedal feel and off-the-bike comfort.

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The 2FO Clip 2.0 Mountain bike Shoes is built to win races and are the premium downhill and trail shoes that are much more than just protection. They’re lighter, faster-drying and secure for both on and off the pedal. 

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Tiny gifts to fill up stocking

A true two-in-one, the Stix Switch has a dual-minded design, flipping between red or white modes depending on the needs of your ride.

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Two premium LEDs for class-leading light output. This light uses a super high capacity USB rechargeable 3400mAh Li-ion internal battery, so all those lumens come with long runtimes. Extra bright side lights to give you 180-degree visibility to other cyclists and motorists. USB rechargeable 3400mAh Li-ion internal battery.

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Air Tool Blast Tubeless Tire Setter: This pump features a high-pressure tank that dumps a high volume of air into a road or mountain tubeless tires. This enables you to quickly and easily lock the beads into the rim for a proper seal. Now, setting-up tubeless tires at home can be done without a pricey air compressor.

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With 12 different tools, you'll be prepared to fix whatever bad luck mechanical the road or trail decides to throw your way.

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Running your rig minimalistic yet practical is possible with this Bandit. The Bandit is the best of both worlds in terms of simplicity and utility for riders. Its compact form bolts under your SWAT compatible saddle and features a simple, Velcro strap with individual compartments for tube, CO2, and tire lever. 

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About Specialized

Specialized was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard, a cycling enthusiast. When quality tires weren't around, they strove to make the best. When people wanted to ride cruises in the dirt, they made the first productions of mountain bikes. When roadies wanted to go faster, they doubled-down on carbon and built their own wind tunnel. When they saw that kids were struggling to focus in school they started the Specialized Foundation to help them through cycling.

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