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Pelago Bicycles starts selling their racks in the U.S.

Helsinki based, Pelago Bicycles' will begin selling their original rack collection in North America from February, 2020 in partnership with Quality Bicycle Products

SILCA releases a special edition Bourbon Titanium Kit

SILCA has just released a special edition Bourbon Titanium Kit, inspired by Chris King. Produced in a very small batch, this kit includes two SICURO Ti Bottle Cages and two Titanium Straw...

SILCA is introducing NASTRO CUSCINO and changes their warranty process

SILCA has just introduced NASTRO CUSCINO, a 3.5mm thick tape for long indoor training sessions, aggressive riding, and racing which provides cushioning equivalent to 4.5mm thick tapes of ...

SILCA introduces the AVVENTURA AMERICANA SEAT ROLL and reusable Titanium Straws

Just when you thought you rounded up your holiday wish-list SILCA comes out with two cool new products. A new, limited edition version of their famous Seat Roll and reusable Titanium stra...

Overview Ampler Challenges 2019 and their stories

In May 2019, Ampler Bikes challenged the public to submit their dream route for the longest commuter bicycle test ride on the planet. All the challengers successfully completed their adve...

SPENGLE introduces 24-carat gold leaf, hand-laid carbon wheelset

SPENGLE is delighted to introduce the latest in the Collections by SPENGLE series: the 24-carat gold leaf hand-laid over a carbon monocoque wheelset “SPENGLE Gold”.


Renowned for its high-performance carbon monocoque bicycle wheels, Swiss brand SPENGLE launches its most daring project yet – SPENGLE Gold. A bicycle wheel built with 24ct gold leaf hand ...

Swiss wheel brand SPENGLE announces special Collection wheels

SPENGLE is delighted to announce that the Swiss wheel brand will bring their spectacular range of coloured wheels ‘Collections by SPENGLE’ to Eurobike 2019. Also joining the launch there ...


SPENGLE, the Swiss wheel experts, are now shipping the latest and greatest version of their signature tri-blade wheels, first composed in the early years of MTB.

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