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The People's Poncho keeps you dry, even when it pours

Amsterdam - 2 November 2016 - People are busier than ever, therefore more on the road as well. Technology enables our mobility, but the weather is one thing we will never control. Besides, due to this pace, we're less prepared for bad weather. This influences the way we ride our bikes, we don't even leave the house when it rains. The People's Poncho changes this with their innovative and convenient poncho's.

The People's Poncho is inspired by the life in Shanghai, China where locals move to any destination in the pouring rain without getting wet. It's our mission to provide anyone an affordable poncho which is 100% waterproof and of high quality. The poncho is super light and compact to take with you easily.

After several prototypes, a design has been developed which meets the needs of people all over the world. We’ve tried many materials and tested design after design and now we proudly present our poncho which everyone can rely on in the pouring rain.

The logo - 雨伞 - means 'against the rain'. We want to hold on these Chinese characters, as the idea is originated in China. Moreover, we'd like to show that 35% of Chinese characters are actually pictograms. The  icon '伞' means 'umbrella' and has the form of an umbrella. Similarly, the icon '雨' has four raindrops and means rain. So it means ‘against the rain’.

The People's Poncho has widely been praised in cities as Copenhagen, London, Singapore, Virginia, Mexico City, and Lille. In Amsterdam, The People's Poncho is already available at Workcycles and ReCycle. In the near future, the poncho will be released all over The Netherlands and Belgium and will be available at your local shop soon!

The new stock will be in store at the end of October and is already available at The People's Poncho webshop.

For more info about The People's Poncho check the website

For a more consumer based impression check out the Instagram @thepeoplesponcho.

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