Berlin, August 23 - listnride’s crowdfunding campaign launched a bit over 3 weeks ago. The goal is to raise €150.000. The current amount invested is €297.900.

We were hoping to over-fund of course, this however is very unexpected. Amazing! Backed by more than 100 individual investors there seems to be wide support for our ambitious plans. The funds will help us expand to other European markets faster than we imagined. A big thank you to anybody and everybody that supported us so far.   Gert-Jan van Wijk

You can try listnride at Eurobike, August 30 till September 2nd in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Rent a bike on the platform and join the founders on the listnride Constance-Spin. Take a break from the hustle and bustle at the show and explore the countryside around Lake Constance. Sign up and rent a bike.

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More about listnride

Founded September 2016 in Berlin, listnride is a leading community bike sharing marketplace in Europe. Currently available in big cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Vienna and growing. Private owners as well as specialized dealers offer their bikes for rent on the platform and enable tourists, locals, families and business people to find the ideal bike that complements their personal style and meets their needs. More about listnride:

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