Short attachment part in the front, long protective part in the back

Gothenburg, March 2018 - Ass Savers first front mudguard that will keep your feet happy is finally here! It mounts in seconds on basically any bike, regardless of frame size or cables. The long downward reach makes sure it's busy where it really counts.

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The Speed Mullet Principle

By keeping the attachment part short and the protective part long, Ass Savers is able to achieve true universal fit and protection where it counts, down low. They call it the Speed Mullet Principle.

Universal fit

The attachment of the Speed Mullet is done in seconds with a single 2-in-1 velcro strap. Big fat carbon frame or thin steel frame doesn't matter. The design of the folds makes sure that correct angle is achieved every time on every bike.

Cable management

What puts the Speed Mullet above the rest is the cable routing feature. Using two shallow channels to let the cables pass between the frame and mudguard, it's compatible with the majority of existing cable combinations.

Use it anywhere

Whether you are dodging traffic in a wet downtown rush hour or grinding the endless gravel in the rain, the Speed Mullet is your new haircut.

The Speed Mullet will come in Pitch Black and retail at a reasonable €11.95. The new front fender will be available from March 26th. And is now on pre-sale on their website.

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About Ass Savers

Summer 2011, faced with yet another rainy ride home from the office, Ass Savers founder, Staffan Widell, ripped a piece of cardboard and stick it underneath his saddle just to get home reasonably dry. Surprised by the positive result, he decides to develop it into a mudguard concept together with a couple of cyclist friends and founded the Ass Savers company. Now they employ 5 people and operate out of their headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. More than one million Ass Savers have been sold and the brand that started as a joke is now recognized by millions of cyclists all over the world.

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