Gothenburg - April 2018 - Ass Savers is proud to announce their updated version of the FENDOR BENDOR, their full rear wheel mudguard. It’s a complete redesign of the previous model from the ground up to make it more user friendly, stronger and better looking. It now has a truly universal fit and comes in two sizes to accommodate all types of riding.

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Universal fit

With the new attachment construction, the FENDOR BENDOR is now suitable for application on everything from road bikes with caliper brakes to full suspension mountain bikes. The new friction & frame protection pad enables it to mount on a seatpost without the sideway support of the seat stays.

Model sizes

The sizes have been adjusted to better correlate with the tire width used in different bike segments. The FENDOR BENDOR Regular will cater for the urban/road segment with tire widths up to 35 mm while the FENDOR BENDOR Big will handle Gravel/CX and even MTB tire widths in the 32-55 mm range.

The Regular

has been adapted to fit the smaller and more delicate tubing of road and urban bikes. It has a slightly slimmer profile than its predecessor that will look at home on everything from your vintage track bike to your hyper modern carbon road bike. It keeps the compact folded state of the previous generation that easily slips into a jersey pocket or backpack.

The Big

has been developed for the growing segment of gravel and adventure biking and is a great protector as well for Cross- and Mountain Bikes. With greater length and width, it's well suited for this segment of bikes. A single midway fold allows for convenient storage with maximum sturdiness, so you’re well prepared for the dirty roads.

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Frame protection by 3M

Both models come with upgraded frame protection stickers from 3M. A material originally developed to protect the helicopter propeller blades from the sandstorms in the desert. It makes sure that no scratches will be made to your beloved bike by the FENDOR BENDOR.

Together with our material supplier, we've developed a proprietary polypropylene that has the optimal balance between structural rigidity, flexibility and weight. While being significantly stiffer, the new FENDOR BENDOR is almost 17% lighter than previous models.

The new FENDOR BENDOR regular and big are now available for €15,- on

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The previous FENDOR BENDOR was originally developed by WIT industries and acquired by Ass Savers in 2016. The new generation is developed completely by the Ass Savers team, relying on the experience and success of the previous model. Compared to the Ass Saver saddle mudguard, FENDOR BENDOR offers a better protection, covering not only your butt but also your back and legs.

About Ass Savers

Summer 2011, faced with yet another rainy ride home from the office, Ass Savers founder, Staffan Widell, ripped a piece of cardboard and stick it underneath his saddle just to get home reasonably dry. Surprised by the positive result, he decides to develop it into a mudguard concept together with a couple of cyclist friends and founded the Ass Savers company. Now they employ 5 people and operate out of their headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. More than one million Ass Savers have been sold and the brand that started as a joke is now recognized by millions of cyclists all over the world.

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