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Join Twotone and their clients this year at Eurobike 2018

Amsterdam/Friedrichshafen - Eurobike is just around the corner and I know I write it each time but this will be our best yet! We’re traveling with four people from the team for the first time this year with 10 (!) clients kicking it into high gear. We made a sweet overview for you to check out below.

We tried to make it as easy as possible for you to either talk to one of us or with one of our clients, or both. Simply click the link behind one of our names corresponding with the client(s) you'd like to meet and you can easily pick a time and location.

Do you want to check all our clients in one go? We got something new and special for you this year. A guided tour past all our clients. Ending the tour with beers of course! We'll do two tours: one on Sunday and one on Monday. Starting both days at 5PM from the SILCA booth (A3-202). Just show up and enjoy the ride.

Frank (click here to set up an appointment with Frank)

💨 Silca (No. A3-202)

SILCA has released many new great products already this year; Latex Inner Tubes, Seat Roll Grande Americano, Seat Capsule Premio, HX-TWO, and HX-THREE. We'll have all these products at the booth, including the just announced SILCA SICURO Ti cages.

🔩 Hexlox (No. A2-508) 

The best way to protect you beloved saddle, seat, wheels and more. At Eurobike HEXLOX will present a totally new product which will be catching a lot of attention. We can't yet reveal what it is, so stop by booth no. A2-508 to check it out.

Guy (click here to set up an appointment with Guy)

🚴 Ornot (No stand)

Ornot launched in Europe and is at Eurobike to show of their quality minimalistic cycling apparel. They bring their newest apparel to the show. They don’t have a booth so let me know if you want to get in contact and we’ll make something happen.

Ampler (No stand)

Ampler is making waves across Europe at the moment with their stunning e-bike. Some say they found the holy grail of e-bike with Ampler as they are e-bikes that don’t look like e-bikes and just ride amazingly.

📱Wahoo (No. B3-504)

Wahoo is showing off this year and is launching new products! We can't say what yet, but we promise you it's worth your time on Sunday at booth B3-504 from 6PM. Beers are included! Click here for more info.

💪 Watt Team Power G3 (No. FG-A9/9)

Watteam is inviting you to join them on Monday morning at 11AM for the launch of the POWERBEAT G3. So come to Room Schweia to know more about the newest generation of the most accessible power meter in the industry. Click here for more info.

Renate (click here to set up an appointment with Renate)

🚵Brick Lane Bikes (No. A3-402)

Brick Lane Bikes presents their New Viper and Hitchhiker framesets and builds and the incredible La Piovra frameset. Also, a number of surprise items - still to be confirmed. Come check it out!

🚲 Pelago (No. A2-503)

Come talk about the Stavanger outback since that’s one of their hottest items at the moment; they want to boost and find new sales channels for their accessories; the bikes will be there, as well as racks, merino apparel + kiddo kids bike.

Jon (click here to set up an appointment with Jon)

💪 Hit me up re: grabbing a beer or coffee at the show!

🚲 I’m keen to talk new business, partnerships & trends!

For questions, requests and more info please reach out to us at

Where is everyone? Find out below:

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