One Thru Axle To Rule Them All

Hexlox launches the world's first modular thru axle
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Friedrichshafen | July 5, 2018 – Hexlox brings to market the worlds first modular thru axle. This unique patent pending product uses a proprietary system we call Perfect Fit which means that with just 3 HexThru axle sizes it can replace any thru axle on the market. Once more Hexlox brings true innovation to how you fasten and protect your bike parts. The best part is that it is Hexlox security ready.

The Perfect Fit system is two fold: firstly the variable length and interchangeable thread adapts to fit any Hub/ Fork combination with no measurements necessary. Additionally, performance-wise stiffness and steering responsiveness are maximised as the axle threads completely into the fork, ensuring the hub or fork sits squarely on the axle, not the thread. The range includes 3 HexThru axle sizes to cover any bike, trailer or trainer on the market.

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The world of thru axles is chaotic. Bike shops need to stock 30+ different sized thru axle to cover all customers. Online customers wade through a mountain of technical info. In the end is the fit perfect?

An incorrect fit is dangerous, an imperfect fit compromises stiffness - handling & the durability of the bike. The patent pending HexThru Axle covers it all in just 3 sizes, Front 15, Front 12 & Rear (always 12). We call it the Perfect Fit System. The length intuitively adjusts to perfectly fit your bike dropout width via a telescopic 2 phase thread & the interchangeable threaded end flips to fit any fork or dropout. The precision Alu body is shielded by a low profile conical steel head with neat weather cap. Its a true one size fits all - Road, MTB, Trailers and even Trainers, all with the maximum stiffness needed.

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• After initial setup its as easy to use as a normal Thru Axle. Insert, turn and go for a ride.

• Hardened steel head provides torque requirements and protects the high machined light and stiffness aluminium body. Plastic cap for weather seal.

• Beautifully crafted with anti theft conical head & matching cap, machined aluminium with laser etched instructions for ease of use.

• A normal thru axle is bought for a specific dropout. Hexlox gives the user flexibility to change, to upgrade and to explore. In a safe way.

The HexThru Axle is part of the Hexlox Bike Security System but can be used of course as a stand alone product as well. Hexlox offers security for all parts of the bike to prevent bike component theft. The patented lock comes in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm and is inserted into any Hex Bolt to prevent unwanted access. It can be removed easily with one of the coded keys. With Hexlox saddles, wheels, seat posts, stems, brakes, lights and more can be secured.

The HexThru Axles will be available from October and the suggested retail price will be €45.

You can find the Hexlox on Eurobike at booth A2-508, schedule an appointment here.

Additionally Hexlox is also launching a new standard Thru Axle that is aimed at OEM. This can be had with any specification and is designed to be Hexlox Ready.

Hexlox also produces its very popular Aero Skewers as replacement for Quick Releases and the best seller HexNut, which replaces standard wheel nuts. Additionally a proprietary selection of seat post bolts exist that are Hexlox Ready. This way all parts of the bike can easily be secured.

The inclusion of the HexThru to the product range firmly cements Hexlox as the most comprehensive solution on the market against bike part theft.


HEXLOX is a German based innovation company focusing on solving challenges within the bicycle industry. HEXLOX is designed and manufactured in Berlin, “the capital of bike theft”. The core team consists of Australian long time Product designer Ian Berrell and Swedish Serial Entrepreneur Marcus Tonndorf. The company’s first product is the revolutionary HEXLOX with many more products to come.

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