OBST&GEMÜSE and Elian Cycles collaborate on the Ultimate e-Cargo bicycle

This is the ultimate light-weight, high-freight machine
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March, 2019 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands - To celebrate their 10th year anniversary, bike shop OBST&GEMÜSE in Basel, Switzerland, have announced a collaboration with Dutch frame-builder Elian Cycles. Together, they have successfully tackled the challenge to create the perfect cargo bicycle. Fittingly it’s called it the OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles Ultimate e-Cargo. Creating the ultimate light-weight, high-freight machine.

The OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles Ultimate e-Cargo is based upon Elian Veltman’s Classic Cargo Tour model. A bike that reached international recognition and acclaim for its gorgeous design. OBST&GEMÜSE who have been specialized in cargo-bikes for many years are based in Switzerland and since it’s a hilly country, 95% of the bikes they sell come with an electric motor. Hence the reason why Elian has modified the bike to fit a MAXON rear hub MX25 Boost motor. This slick motor will give pedal assist up to 25 km/ph. In addition to the motor, the bike has additional tire-clearance and various components upgrades.

The OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles Ultimate e-Cargo
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In 2011, Elian deconstructed and redesigned the classic Dutch ʻcargo bikeʼ. Traditionally, cargo bikes are built for utility rather than riding enjoyment. It is often difficult to hold a straight line - especially when fully loaded with children or groceries. By evaluating every component choice, especially the steering, Elian created a central steering hub not dissimilar to one pioneered in motorcycle design. This unique central steering system is patented and called the Elian Steering Hub.

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This makes the front end less ʻjumpyʼ and therefore creating a more fluid means of steering. The system also greatly reduces ʻflexʼ when braking. Elian concluded that this was literally the best way forward for cargo bikes. Equipped with the finest components, a lowered centre of gravity, reduced weight, combined with Elian’s steel ʻspace frameʼ and the unique central steering system, Elian Steering Technology, the OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles Ultimate e-Cargo truly is the perfect cargo bicycle.

Adding a powerful motor to this lightweight, made-to-measure and excellently handling custom bicycle with tire-clearance up to 45mm, makes this bike the perfect mix between fun and functionality. Opening up new possibilities, like being able to take your kids on a road or gravel ride. Or actually enjoying yourself when you’re hauling your cargo around town.

Making the OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles Ultimate e-Cargo, the ultimate cargo bike.

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The average price of a car sold in Switzerland was €39,225 and approximately €29,000 across the EU-28, in 2017. On top of that the average monthly operating cost varying between €364 and €708 depending on the specific European country. This bike comes with a price-tag, as it's hand-made in Europe, but remains a fraction of what it costs to use a car. The reason for many people to switch to an cargo bicycle instead. Not to mention it’s better for the environment and personal health.


Frameset - OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles, Custom Sizing

Groupset - Sram GX Eagle 1x12

Headset & BB - Chris King, Matte Jet

Cockpit (incl. seatpost) - ENVE  

Wheels - Custom

Price: CHF13.000 (+/- €11.500 / £9.800)

Delivery time: 8-12 weeks

Limited edition: 20 pieces

Ultimate e-Cargo Media Kit with hi-res images

OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles 'Ultimate e-Cargo' website [check this out!]


OBST&GEMÜSE, opened their doors 10 years ago to establish a more-than-just a bike shop in Basel, Switzerland. The name directly translates as Fruit & Vegetables. It reflects to the related yet opposite products that they offer in their store: cargo-bikes downstairs and performance- race bikes upstairs. Hence the shops slogan; lightweight and high-freight. Everything in the shop revolves around quality. In terms of product offering, the space they’re in and the attention for customers. Something you’ll notice this as soon as you walk in.

Website: http://www.cargobicycles.org/

About Elian Cycles

Elian Veltman has been frame-building commercially over a decade now. After studying Automotive engineering, Elian was hired by Donkerfoort, one of Hollandʼs foremost luxury car manufacturers. He learned a lot but still found to be more motivated by two pedal powered machines. Elianʼs achievements include reinterpreting the Dutch ʻcargo bikeʼ to international design acclaim, creating Minute ʻa small bike for great mindsʼ and rejuvenating the classic race bike brand Primarius. Currently he is primarily focused on hand crafting the perfect cargo bike.

Website: http://www.eliancycles.com/

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