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April 2019 - SPENGLE, the Swiss wheel experts, are now shipping the latest and greatest version of their signature tri-blade wheels, first composed in the early years of MTB. 

Established in Switzerland in the 1980s, their technology has come a long way: the SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque wheel has been continuously refined to reinvent modern bicycle-wheel construction.

32 steel spokes have been the norm since the beginning. The big advantage of carbon, however, is that you can have a virtually unlimited amount of spokes in the form of carbon fibres in the blades. This maintains the wheels’ form and redistributes impact force for a smoother ride.

The SPENGLE tri-blade form was apparently inspired by the palindromic nature of three, the so-called magic number “it’s the simplest design that can still guarantee strength and reliability without compromising the experience for the rider” said Peter Lackner, SPENGLE CTO.

The wheels feel manoeuvrable in a way that makes them ride lighter than we thought they might on enduro-style trails. But it’s the indestructible feel of the wheels, and that promise of reliability, that may be SPENGLE's biggest selling point. Stuart Kenny, Red Bull

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SPENGLE as a business has 30-plus years of experience in the application and production of high-performance carbon structures, across cycling, ski and motorsports.  Using state of the art techniques such as Computational Fluid Dynamics, each design is tested thoroughly using cutting-edge software, subjecting it to airflow, impact, and strength testing prior to the physical development stages.

The production of the wheels is done completely in Europe, at SPENGLE's bespoke R&D and production facility. There they mix a combination of computer-controlled curing and testing environments with workshop craftsmanship to form the wheels.

Each carbon monocoque is fitted with an RFID tag to track its journey through the factory monitoring each wheel’s individual status. Nothing is dispatched from the factory without adhering to the highest quality standards.

SPENGLE Carbon - The ultimate enduro wheel.

“Now that technology and production methods have caught up with our ambitions,” Pius Brauchart, SPENGLE CEO explains, “we are once again producing wheels with the aim of creating the safest, most engaging, and most desirable bike wheels possible”.

SPENGLE wheels are available now, offering free worldwide delivery and a no-questions asked lifetime warranty. Check out their website SPENGLE.com for more details.

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