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Ampler Challenge: The test ride of their life is about to begin

In June 2019, Ampler Bikes challenged the public to submit their dream route for the longest commuter bicycle test ride on the planet. The public was asked to put together an epic cycling route of up to 1000 km and explain why they wish to cycle it. Four official challengers, who will be getting their very own Ampler bikes to make it happen, were chosen. Here they are.

The challenge received 3710 applications with the oldest applicant being 82 years old and the youngest, albeit a passenger, merely 6 months old. The overwhelming response the test ride received, spurred the company into turning the Ampler Challenge into an additional public programme to promote more people to get on bicycles and to put themselves to the test.

The official Ampler Challengers 2019 are:

Andrew — Morpeth - Iona - Morpeth, UK (965 km)

Starts his challenge in July 2019

Andrew is a nurse consultant in mental health from the UK who suffered a tragic personal loss in 2011. For Andrew, the island of Iona was both the destination for his honeymoon in 1997 together with his wife, and 12 years later the place for one of their last trips they got to take together. The one thing that has kept Andrew going was the notion that one day he would have the time to make a return trip to Iona, but this time by bike. As Andrew says, “My mental and physical health have been maintained and strengthened by my ability to cycle on a very regular basis.”

This is Andrew’s return to the island that has so many emotions and so much meaning for him, and we hope that his experience can inspire others to use the vast open roads for dealing with personal loss and difficult times.

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Rebecca and Ian — Palermo to Pompei, Italy (750 km)

Start their challenge in August 2019

Ian is a reluctant healthy lifestyle convert who for the past two years has been working hard on taking care of his health and transforming into a more healthy lifestyle through running and cycling. Since commencing this plan he has already lost 50 kg and has another 10 kg left to go. His fiancé Rebecca has been with him every step and pedal of this journey, and they are now about to reach the results they set themselves two years ago. As the final challenge of their healthy lifestyle journey, Rebecca and Ian will be cycling approximately 750 km along the West coast of Italy, from Palermo to Pompei. The bike ride will be the celebration of all the hard work and a successful transformation to a healthy life.

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Thomas — Schmalkalden to Hiddensee, Germany (700 km)

Starts his challenge in August 2019

Thomas is a former competitive athlete of the Paralympics with a 25-year career as a cross-country skier and biathlete. Thomas will be cycling around 700 km from Schmalkalden in the middle of Germany to Hiddensee, a car-free island in the north-west of Germany in 6 days. The selected route is a tour through the wonderful landscapes of Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. With this challenge, Thomas wants to show that anyone can and should believe in themselves and take on new challenges, regardless of what curveballs life throws at you.

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Ampler Bikes public challenge: Switch your car for a bicycle and ride 500-1000 km in July

The huge response to this challenge displayed that all of us have a willingness to go on an adventure. It seems that all of us simply need a small kick-boost to set ourselves in motion. This is why Ampler Bikes has decided to roll the challenge into a yearly programme that promotes everyone on getting on bikes and cycling for 500-1000 km.

In short – in addition to the official Ampler Challenges, challenge yourself to complete 500-1000 km on a bicycle during one month - July. It takes planning, effort and guts to put yourself to the test but with some will power, everyone can do it.


Cycle at least 16 km each day or go on a few longer bike tours to collect the kilometres. After you’ve tracked at least 500 km of cycling and submitted it to Ampler, you’ll receive a token of achievement from the company, and a path to a new happier and healthier lifestyle.  

Read more and join the Ampler Challenge

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About Ampler Bikes

Ampler Bikes makes light electric bicycles for urban commuters. The company launched in 2016 with a mission to create better commuting experiences and remove barriers from cycling. Currently, Ampler has 35 people working between the two offices located in Berlin and Tallinn. The Ampler Bikes showroom is located in the lively Berlin neighbourhood in Prenzlauer Berg, at Kollwitzstraße 47.

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