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Swiss wheel brand SPENGLE announces special Collection wheels

July 2019 - SPENGLE is delighted to announce that the Swiss wheel brand will bring their spectacular range of coloured wheels ‘Collections by SPENGLE’ to Eurobike 2019. Also joining the launch there are the first tangible versions of their exciting new 700c wheels. After the success of the 650b wheels and ever-growing demand, SPENGLE has almost finished developing the new wheel and will bring 3D-printed preview models to this year's show.

Collections by SPENGLE

SPENGLE has been collaborating with artists across Europe and the US to give their vision on how to make these extraordinary tri-spoke wheels even more eye-catching. Alongside improved safety and comfort, the carbon monocoque blades offer a unique canvas for the opportunity to personalise and be creative in a manner that traditional wheels can’t. 

This has led to a new series of exclusive coloured wheels, including the stunning Iridescent (underneath) whose 5 colours are only visible at different viewing angles. Depending on the angle that you are looking at the wheels the colour changes, resulting in a truly breathtaking aesthetic. 

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Other highlights include what may be the most exciting urban wheel available - Chromeo is pure glamour, a highly polished chrome effect, the result of over 40 hours of painstaking paint application and buffing, guaranteed to turn heads this wheel is available in a limited run of just 10 sets.

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With personal delivery as standard, Collections by SPENGLE represent an exclusive opportunity to customise your bike, or your wall, like no other, with some editions being strictly limited to just a single unit, these luxury items are the ultimate in kinetic artistry.

Check these stunning wheels in an amazing art photoshoot here

SPENGLE about their new 'Collections by SPENGLE'

The SPENGLE brand has what can be described as a unique aesthetic, it’s never going to appeal to everyone, and right at the outset we made our peace with that idea  – but what if we tried to appeal to people from a different perspective?

What if, instead of approaching this as a wheel, we approached it as a dynamic canvas?

We started looking at the finer details within the curves of the wheel more, changing the thinking from performance and the properties of carbon fibre, towards a study of how light moves across the blades, how the elbow works with shape and shadow, and how that movement can affect the mood of the viewer.

It was a wormhole for us, and it led us down a path that we’ve loved spending time travelling and exploring, the result of which is the exciting  Collections by SPENGLE that we have now and which we are thrilled to be sharing with the world.

Upcoming new wheel: 700C

The SPENGLE carbon monocoque range currently consists of a 27.5” MTB wheel, plus 650B gravel and urban wheels. 700C wheels are coming soon and will be showcased for the first time ever at Eurobike in September, becoming available late this autumn.

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