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SPENGLE introduces 24-carat gold leaf, hand-laid carbon wheelset

February 2020 - SPENGLE is delighted to introduce the latest in the Collections by SPENGLE series: the 24-carat gold leaf hand-laid over a carbon monocoque wheelset "SPENGLE Gold". They look absolutely stunning, are a genuine piece of art, and are fully capable of being put in a bike and ridden (should you really want to).

SPENGLE has always looked to their wheel as having a canvas-like quality to it. The shapes and elements of the wheel have their own inherent beauty that’s fundamentally different from spoked wheels, so it was natural for them to utilise that canvas quality and with this new gold leaf wheel they have raised the bar to stratospheric levels.

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The project started out as an extension of the Collection’s range, but SPENGLE very quickly realized it was morphing into something almost ethereal - this wheelset actually had the gold leaf delivered back in June of 2019, and it has taken months of work to apply the individual flakes piece by piece.

The bicycle wheel represents a unique visual canvas – kinetic art in its most pure form. Art and sport are both deep passion points and with SPENGLE Gold we saw an opportunity to blend these two worlds together. There’s something very compelling in mixing the traditional craftsmanship of hand-laid gold leaf with cutting edge materials science, and it has resulted in a visually stunning wheel, explains Pius Brauchart, CEO at SPENGLE . 

Now that they are completed, and prior to their sale, SPENGLE will be displaying the wheels at bike shows around Europe starting with Kolektif in Berlin on the last weekend of February. Later they will come to Bespoked in Bristol and the London Bike Show. They have put these bespoke hand-created rideable artworks on a bike to match to show them in their full glory and natural surroundings.

Spengle can be found at Kolektif on the ground floor near the entrance. They’re unmissable when you enter the show floor.

Each gold wheel is unique, built to order, will be hand-delivered and can be yours for €10.000,-. Check out the details on SPENGLE’s website here.


Established in Austria in the 1980s and based in Switzerland nowadays, their technology has come a long way: the SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque wheel has been continuously refined to reinvent modern bicycle-wheel construction. 32 steel spokes have been the norm since the beginning. The big advantage of carbon, however, is that you can have a virtually unlimited amount of spokes in the form of carbon fibres in the blades. This maintains the wheels’ form and redistributes impact force for a smoother ride.

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