Non-Profit RefugeeForce Looking for Companies Requiring Salesforce Support

Amsterdam based non-profit works with companies that put words into action by investing in diversity, inclusion, and finding hidden talent.

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Amsterdam | February, 2021 – now in its 3rd year, RefugeeForce, a non-profit organization focused on empowering skilled, motivated, and diverse asylum seekers and status holders, is renewing its efforts to help those struggling to find employment matching their interests, experience, and ambitions.

It is an often-overlooked challenge for new members of any society, what obstacles they face to obtain gainful employment. Without recognized credentials and in-demand skills, many talented refugees settle for temporary or low-skilled labor, limiting their social and economic integration.

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Leading up to the spring of 2021, RefugeeForce is renewing its efforts to onboard corporate partners who are committed to diversity, inclusion, and finding hidden talent. These hiring partners would be looking to bring a trained and certified Salesforce professional to their workforce. RefugeeForce’s trained alumni can join on-site or remote team and immediately make a positive impact:

- Admin-as-a-Service – provides instant opportunities to add value to a company’s Salesforce project. Trained Admins will help with troubleshooting, configuration, data, automation, or help answer miscellaneous Salesforce questions. 

- Internships – participants are eager to learn and grow within the right environment. Providing a 3 to 6-month internship or traineeship provides a mutual way to find the right candidates for any organization.

- Recruitment Partner – RefugeeForce will work together to find the best full-time candidates that fit a team or project over one year. Finding motivated Salesforce professionals is also the ultimate goal, thereby creating a natural partnership. 

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A recent successful example of pairing a RefugeeForce participant with a Recruitment Partner is In October 2020, Newmotion hired their first RefugeeForce alumni, Enass Ahmed, who brings years of experience in customer service to the team. She quickly skilled-up and gained direct experience during her first few months as a full-time Salesforce Administrator, which allowed her to pass the Salesforce Admin Certification

“Start immediately. If I could do one thing different, I would have done it years earlier. Take the jump because it’s a great cause and you get really good talent. Don’t wait.” — Tom van Eijl, Engineering Manager at NewMotion


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More about RefugeeForce: Founded in 2018, Gaspar Rodriguez (Chilean), Nick Broekema (Dutch), and Marielle Schweickart (American) set out to improve the long-term professional success of these immigrants who so often didn’t get a fair shake in the economy. Annually, this non-profit onboards leading companies who are willing to put words into action by investing in diversity, inclusion, and finding hidden talent by integrating RefugeeForce participants in their team. To date, 63 participants have successfully completed the RefugeeForce program.

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