Witness Change, to celebrate and honour refugees from around the world, presents 1000 Dreams.

Non-profit, Witness Change unveils their campaign supporting refugees to tell their own stories.

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Amsterdam, June 2021- Witness Change, a not for profit organisation dedicated to amplifying the voices of marginalised groups, has created the 1000 Dreams; a campaign sharing refugee stories authored by refugees.

Refugee stories have always been told by outsiders. 1000 Dreams supports refugees to tell their own stories, their strengths, their challenges and their dreams for themselves: 

  • Photographs and interviews have been contributed by 40 refugees living in Europe.
  • The 40 storytellers participated in a Witness Change storytelling workshop where they learnt photography and interview skills. 
  • The storytellers were provided with continued mentorship from photojournalist Robin Hammond and equipment and funding to participate in the project.
  • The 1000 dreams project is ongoing and will be made up of 1000 portraits and interviews of refugees (to date nearly 700 stories have been collected).
  • The project was made possible through the support of the Open Society Foundations.

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About Witness Change 

Witness Change, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, exists to improve life for marginalized groups by amplifying their stories. Their projects have reached more than 250 million people worldwide and have been on the cover of National Geographic and Time magazine. They have partnered with dozens of international organisations such as Doctors Without Borders, Handicap International, UNICEF, Human Rights Watch, Elton John Aids Foundation, and Open Society Foundations. They aim to make an impact on the international stage through campaigns that engage international leaders, such as presentations at the United Nations. They also work at a regional level by collaborating with grassroots organisations and creating campaigns that impact specific audiences through localised events, targeted social media campaigns, and skill transfer workshops. Witness Change’s current projects include Where Love Is Illegal, stories of discrimination and survival from the LGBTQI+ community, In My World, a campaign to amplify stories of people living with mental health, psychosocial, intellectual, and cognitive disabilities, and 1000 Dreams, a project to change the narrative of the refugee experience authored entirely by refugees themselves.  


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