N+1 announces the only app you need to shop for everything cycling related!

Available on iOS and Android

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There are many apps for cyclists and most of them are focused on navigation and performance. N+1 is the only app that is focussed on providing any cyclist with exactly what they need for a comfortable yet challenging ride. The unique selling point of N+1, besides the powerful technology behind it, is that it has more than 50 premium cycling brands available in just one swipe and tap.

N+1 aims to provide the largest assortment of premium and direct to consumer cycling brands available in a shopping app, becoming the biggest premium brands aggregator.

N+1 app users can:

  • Buy products from your favourite cycling brands in one place
  • Save products from your favourite brands in your organized Collection to shop later
  • Learn about new products and trends with a discovery feed. Content from your cycling-related Instagram accounts linked with related products
  • Checking out in less than a minute once the shipping address in automatically filled in
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The whole app looks like an Instagram feed where you can scroll through pictures based on your interest. N+1 team is proud to say that the app is made taking every cyclist into account:

We are constantly asking cyclists how they prefer to shop and tailor the shopping process accordingly Paul Gorbach

Instead of shopping in several different stores, comparing apples to apples and checking if all the items from different shops will be delivered before the weekend ride, now cyclists can do it all at once and have it delivered in any part of the world! 

The CEO of N+1 Paul believes that they can simplify the chaos of cycling retail:

It’s unnecessary, complex and fragmented, we leverage technology to help cycling enthusiasts get everything in one place. Paul Gorbach
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In less than a year, N+1 has developed the entire structure of the marketplace, and has reached a partnership with Velodrom, a shop of choice for cyclists in Barcelona, to offer most of the premium cycling brands from day one. 

With a positive attitude and high hopes for the future, the CEO of N+1 shared what is the perfect ride for him:

A perfect ride is when you have a good company cycling together in an easy going comfortable pace. Unexplored roads, no cars, pure nature. This is what I like about long adventures, is that you always end up in places like this Paul Gorbach
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