Zero Lemon x BBB Cycling launch a limited edition helmet in Amsterdam's finest, Ride Out.

The first product of the new BBB Cycling - Limited series launched on the 16th of September at Ride Out, a collaboration between Zero Lemon and BBB Cycling.

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Amsterdam - 16 September 2021 - Hailing from Leiden & London, the paths of BBB Cycling & Zero Lemon have converged at Ride Out in Amsterdam. The three brand entities are elated to announce a magnificent & granitic outcome: the Zero Lemon x BBB Cycling helmet, the first of the BBB Cycling - Limited series, composed of a limited release of 100 pieces that was released on the 16th of September, 2021.

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The helmet is designed in Leiden, the Netherlands. This special edition of the Maestro MIPS© will be retailed for €150/unit– only available at Ride Out for the first 3 days. The remaining units will be available via Ride Out’s webshop for European purchase.

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About the The Maestro MIPS©, The helmet for front runners.

Those who go for optimal safety and ventilation choose the Maestro. The MIPS© means an extra layer that optimally protects you against rotating impact. The helmet has a unique HaloGuard© ventilation system that provides optimal airflow at all speeds. Its super compact design makes it one of the most aerodynamic helmets in the pack. Compact, strong and designed to make you the ruler of the road.

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The design is inspired by the textures of marble that reflect the complexity of life, structured by the pass of time and polished by the human hand. One of the elements that always conquered the mind of its designer and inspirational cyclist, Chris Hall of Zero Lemon.

‘Marble is a Metamorphic Rock, composed of recrystallised carbonate minerals. It’s a material I have always been fascinated by and how it takes thousands, if not millions of years to create. It’s simply beautiful and this design harks back to my Architecture days, as a product I used to try to use in modern and unique ways, often recreating marble patterns in sustainable ways. The helmet design shows some of the intricate veins and patterns you would see in the stones, helping to also keep your head protected, being encompassed in this helmet from BBB.’ Chris Hall, Zero Lemon

With this initiative, Ride Out aims to combine great minds and brands within the cycling community and empower artists, brands and the public to connect in an inspiring environment at their Amsterdam showroom and café.

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More about Ride Out: Located at Move Amsterdam, Ride Out is an experimental place that exists to inspire people to discover their passion for bikes, their cycling tribe and their unique version of freedom. They provide a fully immersive experience that goes from purchase to maintenance, events and community hosting, creating a holistic brand experience.

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More about Zero Lemon: Zero Lemon is the design studio founded and run by Chris Hall. The name 'Zero Lemon' comes from a conversation that Chris had with a good friend, he said  'When life gives you lemons, tell life to get a life as lemons are a terrible gift.' Thus Zero Lemon was born. Through Zero Lemon, Chris has been able to work on projects that truly interest and excite him and allow him to have real creative freedom, occasionally releasing limited runs of cycling kits– in collaboration with Attacus Cycling, T-Shirts, mugs, bidons and other accessories.

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More about BBB Cycling: BBB Cycling has been part of many cyclists' rides for more than 20 years. The enthusiasm and thorough work of the product development team is infused in every product, creating a brand that now offers more than 1,500 unique products– all designed at the BBB headquarters in Leiden, the Netherlands. Products that have won more than 100 product & innovation awards over the years.

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