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SILCA expands their Titanium technology and introduces Cerakote Black & Copper

This unique coating makes the titanium virtually indestructible and more aesthetically pleasing

Indianapolis, IN - SILCA adds Cerakote coating technology to their product finishes and launches several ceramic coated products, a black and copper colored Cerakote SICURO Titanium bottle cage and black and copper Cerakote Titanium Shop Tools.

The SICURO Titanium is the classic Ti bottle cage re-engineered and is made from ultra-lightweight aerospace-grade titanium tubing. These cages feature updated longer slotted eyelets that allow the cage greater extension in the fore-aft positioning, to account for differences in mounting locations from frame to frame, enabling riders to place cages precisely where they want them.

The Titanium Shop Tools are a culmination of all of Josh’s years working with ProTour teams and carrying a LOT of gear. If there’s one constant in pro cycling, it’s the daily setup and tear down of the mobile bike shop the team mechanics call home. Over the years, he has appreciated the trend toward lighter, more multi-functional tools that focused on lightening the tool box.

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3D printing enables SILCA to take the lightweight tool revolution to an entirely new level. Removing traditional manufacturing barriers, 3D printing allows for unique, hollow geometries inside of tools, lattice structures, and internal trussing specific to the loads seen in the tools, all while further reducing weight.

SILCA Announcement: Next Level Ti Bottle Cage

Adding to the charm and durability, SILCA has been able to custom Cerakote their titanium line-up. Cerakote is the world's leading high performance ceramic coating for use in aerospace, military, and biomedical applications. At only 1 micron thick, Cerakote high performance ceramic coating increases abrasion resistance by more than 100 times while increasing corrosion resistance more than 1000 times over traditional metal finishes and paint coatings. 

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Cerakote even improves fatigue resistance by eliminating the possibility of surface scratching or notching which can lead to stress cracking over time. For the SILCA Sicuro Titanium bottle cage, Cerakote Ceramic coatings offer 100% color fastness, and will not show wear through even after 10,000 bottle insertion and removal cycles. In addition, Cerakote protects the surface of the water bottle itself, giving it a longer life. 

Not only will this process increase the colour options for the bottle cages and shop tools, but the ceramic coating also adheres permanently to the titanium surface making it virtually indestructible. The coating has superior anti-abrasion quality, improving the longevity of the colour, plus exponentially increasing titanium integrity.

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In their search for the best titanium finish, SILCA has become completely enamored with the look, feel and durability of titanium 3d-printed structures. This combination of properties makes for a product that lasts longer. Cerakote thus contributes to SILCA's philosophy of making durable products. So, although classic in appearance, these bottle cages and shop tools are as complex and high tech as it gets.

SILCA’s Cerakote Titanium Bottle Cages and Cerakote Titanium Shop Tools are now available on their website silca.cc


Cerakote Titanium Bottle Cage:

  • Seamless 3-2.5 titanium tubing
  • Extended adjustment mounting - up to 21mm fore-aft
  • Weight - 32 grams
  • SILCA Shield Warranty included covering your cage for 25 years

Cerakote Titanium Shop Tools:

  • 3D printed 6Al/4V Titanium
  • Durable Cerakote finish
  • 80g Chain Whip
  • 45g Lockring Tool
  • 160g Hammer
  • 11s Chain
  • Shimano/SRAM/Campagnolo Compatible


SILCA was founded in 1917 by Felice Sacchi outside of Milan, Italy and was well-known for the first company to put gauges on pumps, the first to produce a true ‘high-pressure’ frame pump and the first to work with revolutionary lightweight material plastic after the end of WWII, and later the first to bring CO2 to roadside inflation. Today SILCA is located in Indianapolis, IN where it continues to build iconic products that utilize the finest materials and craftsmanship available while pushing technological boundaries by leveraging the most modern engineering and manufacturing practices and materials.

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