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The Bespoked Handmade Bike Show Announces Its 11th Edition in London

The Bespoked Handmade Bike Show, Europe's most exciting celebration of handmade bikes, is back for its 11th program at a new location in London, the Lee Valley Velo Park, on 14-16th October 2022. Holding this year’s show at the Velodrome gives Bespoked the opportunity to put on a great series of fun track events, whilst giving attendees access to some of the most beautiful bikes in the world. Framebuilders are being encouraged to build a track-legal frame and enter the fastest frame builder lap competition, and there are some surprise mini events planned with more details to be announced in the coming months. Attendees can look forward to a return of the prestigious Bespoked Awards, rideouts, and an unmissable top-class speaker schedule is in the works.  This year’s event is set to be the best yet.

Introducing the “Bespoked SRAM Inclusivity Scholarship” in Collaboration with SRAM

In addition to the show, Bespoked is excited to announce its collaboration with SRAM and to introduce the Bespoked SRAM Inclusivity Scholarship which is designed to improve diversity within the framebuilding community. Inspired by the success of the PBE SRAM inclusivity scholarship at the Philly Bike Expo the last two years, the scholarship has been put together to encourage more diversity among the framebuilding community and will cover the awardees' costs for the show, with the builder able to select from any SRAM components. The scholarship is open for builders to apply if they feel they are or that their work is under-represented in the cycling industry. Successful applicants will be announced in the coming months on the Bespoked website.  Adding to our offering while keeping exhibition costs low for frame builders has been made possible by our collaboration with SRAM, who will be sponsoring the track center, among their other contributions to the show. 

Support framebuilders and help the framebuilding community flourish

New design elements will be featured in this year’s show, but the core values of Bespoked remain: a curated event that features the most creative, innovative and curious bikes available in modern framebuilding - whilst honoring its commitment to elevating framebuilders and helping the framebuilding community flourish. This year Bespoked is pleased to present its collaboration with Studio Camo to update the show's visual language. With a rebrand, a strong visual identity will be developed for the platform to be able to exhibit fine work in its best light but also to introduce attendees to the people behind that work. There are so many fantastic stories that come with the territory of crafting perfect and often groundbreaking bicycles which is a real antidote to the current era of anonymised mass-production.

Petor Georgallou, previously of Dear Susan Bicycles, and business partner Josh Bullock have taken over the running of Bespoked from Phil and Tessa Taylor who founded the show in 2010. Petor, who has previously exhibited at the show for the last 7 years says, “Phil and Tessa have done an amazing job, building Bespoked from the ground up and cultivating a real community around framebuilding in the UK. We’re looking to build on their success, so that we can best represent the framebuilding community, trying to help it grow more diverse and inclusive. Ultimately we’re passionate about hand made bikes and the people who make them. Bespoked is a show by super-fans for super-fans and day-trippers.”

For more information on Bespoked, visit the Bespoked website at:

For media inquiries, please contact Bob at [email protected] or Josh at [email protected]

For exhibitor registration visit the Bespoked website registration page

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About Bespoked

Bespoked is Europe’s largest and best attended celebration of handmade bicycles and their makers, attracting in excess of 6000 visitors from around the world. It is the place for the public, industry and press to meet independent makers and designers showcasing some of the finest bicycles in the world. The show’s mission is to support framebuilders and help the framebuilding community flourish.

SOURCE: Bespoked

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