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Ready for new cycling adventures with the new Protest Cycling collection

Protest Sportswear expands its focus on cycling with new products for those cooler days on the bike.

Protest Sportswear has been making trendy and functional apparel for the beach, the slopes and your everyday outfit since 1993. The Dutch brand now applies this wealth of experience to their new line of cycling gear. It's the perfect choice for on-and off-road cycling adventures during changeable weather and fresh spring days. Whatever route you choose, the Protest Cycling collection will have you ready for your next cycling adventure.

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Combining functionality and fashion

The Protest Cycling collection combines functional high-quality features with the latest fashionable design that you have come to expect from Protest. The cycling wear is designed for both novice and experienced cyclists who want fun and comfort during their cycling adventures while also looking good. The clothing suits a relaxed and adventurous riding style and is suitable for road cyclists, gravel bikers, and mountain bikers.

The collection includes both a men's and women's line with items for all seasons. They both consist of jerseys, bib shorts, jackets and various accessories. The clothing is of high quality and the materials used are moisture repellent, quick-drying, and extremely comfortable. Two-way stretch fabrics provide flexibility and comfort. The new collection contains bold prints and colour combinations so that everyone can ride their bikes in style.

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The bibs are handmade in Italy and have built-in shock absorption so you can have longer-lasting adventures. The silicone anti-slip elastic provides the right fit and firmness to keep you on the saddle. Reflective details make you stand out, even when it's not sunny. The jerseys are finished with silicone grippers on the sleeves and waist for a uniform and secure fit. Lockable zippers and high-quality stitching ensure extra sturdiness. And at the back of the jerseys, there are subtly designed pockets for valuable items or snacks on the go.

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Years of experience

Dutch company Protest has been making apparel for surfers, snowboarders and outdoor adventurers since 1993. They aim to provide enthusiasts and athletes with the best gear for their favourite sport. With this new line of cycling apparel, Protest is proud to add a new chapter to its story.

"More and more people are using bicycles as a sporting hobby and with that, the demand for fashionable, high-quality cycling gear is also increasing. It is a fantastic challenge and opportunity for Protest and we’re excited to enter the world of cycling," says Wesley van Wijnbergen, Protest's Managing Director.

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