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Meet Kindernay, next level internal gear hubs from Norway

Eurobike awarded Kindernay VII internal gear hub as “the new benchmark for e-bike gear hubs”

Kindernay is an award-winning Norwegian manufacturer that produces advanced internal gear-hub systems for bikes. Their gear system delivers an instant, accurate, and maintenance-free shifting experience in a lightweight - but swappable - package. The shifting range of the VII 7-speed gear-hub and the XIV 14-speed gear-hub, provide unprecedented efficiency for a gear-hub. 

It’s designed for power, and cadence, and is thus perfect for e-bikes as well as normal bikes. Their innovative products improve shifting performance on bikes by making gear hubs that have a better user experience, that last longer, have less maintenance, and make you happier on your bike.

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Kindernay’s internal gear-hub system differentiates itself from other systems by having an instant hydraulic shift with a unique planetary gear system with clutches transferring power. It happens seamlessly and doesn’t require the rider to be pedalling. They come calibrated out of the factory and hardly require any maintenance. Being able to withstand 160 Nm loads they are perfectly suitable for e-bikes and will get along perfectly with the most demanding e-MTBs out there, on top of normal bikes, that is.

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The high-torque hubs also stand out on their wide range between the first and last gear. The VII has a range of 428% and the XIV has a range of 543%. It supports all modern Thru-Axle sizes and is compatible with most disk brake systems. On top of all of this, Kindernay hubs don’t weigh a lot. The VII hub starts at just 1200 grams and the XIV at 1400 grams.

Besides these compelling advantages, the gear-hubs are conveniently swappable between different bikes with Kindernay’s unique Swap Cage system. These separate hub shells allow having several wheelsets without the cost of purchasing a separate gear hub for each of them.

Kindernay XIV internal gear hub

Kindernay has two different gear-hubs, a 7-speed and a 14-speed. Both make use of two shifting systems: the HYSEQ Onesie and the HYSEQ Twosie. The Onesie shift operator is a right handlebar-mounted hydraulic shifter and is operated by thumb pushing, the two push levers push hydraulic fluid from the operator to the HYSEQ actuator, located at the gear-hub. The Twosie does the same but with the added flexibility of having two levers on either side of the handlebar.

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The team at Kindernay has over 150 years of combined experience working in the cycling and automotive industry. Their team is spread across Europe and has different nationalities working together closely. They have gained their knowledge by working with the leading companies like Siemens, Porsche, Bosch and Specialized among others, where they accumulated vast amounts of experience in the development of complex mechanical devices. Their inventions are currently on the seabed, on land, and even in space.


In 2021, the Kindernay team won the prestigious Eurobike award for the VII. An independent panel of expert judges recognizes the newly launched Kindernay VII internal gear hub as “the new benchmark for e-bike gear hubs”. The Eurobike Awards is one of the leading international design awards for companies in the bike and mobility industry. New, innovative, and forward-looking products are assessed and evaluated by an independent panel of expert judges and Kindernay is happy to see their hard work getting recognized by an authoritative institute such as Eurobike.

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about Twotone's client is a small team of bike-loving enthusiasts. For service and sales, Rostislav "Rosti" Kulchitskiy, is at your side. His favourite discipline on the bike can be clearly named Enduro. Still, since the beginning of 2021, he can increasingly get excited about bikes with crooked handlebars and is doing one or the other round on his gravel bike.

André "AJ" Joffroy is the founder and managing director. As an all-rounder, he takes care of sales and service, as well as product selection, and discussions with suppliers and the customer.

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