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We're back at Eurobike! Here's what we are doing & who we're with!

July 2022 | Amsterdam/Frankfurt am Main - Eurobike is already next week and like Twotone has said each year since 2014 -- it will be the best yet! The team is travelling to Frankfurt representing seven brands. Come by and say hi!

Twotone Clients at Eurobike:

  • 🔧💨 SILCA: is exhibiting their entire lineup within the Hartje booth as well as numerous 3d printed examples of their innovative and in-house product development and production. 
  • ⚡🚲 Serial 1: will have a 2022 RUSH Step Thru demo bike at the Enviolo booth & a 2022 BASH MTN at the Comodule booth on display, 
  • 👴⛰️ Old Man Mountain:  is expanding their presence in the European market and is interested to meet distributors, retailers, and media
  • 🪞🔔 Spurcycle: is keen to meet retailers for their core products & media about a new product launch!
  • 🔌💆 Hyperice: is exhibiting a Recovery Set Up showcasing their Charging Station (consisting of Hypervolt 2 Pro, Hypersphere and Vyper), plus Normatec 3 at the Grofa House of Brands booth.
  • 🚲⚡Ampler Bikes: is showcasing a 2022 model bike at the Dutch bag brand Basil’s booth if you haven’t seen one yet!
  • ⚙️🚲 Try out a Kindernay hub at the show and have an in depth talk with André about the advantages of internally geared hubs at their booth.

Twotone aspires to make it as easy as possible for you to either talk to one of us and/or with our clients. Scroll all the way down to easily pick a time and location to meet at Eurobike this year! We’ll be sharing more on our Instagram which rides, events and parties we’ll be attending as well!


Have fun at the show and we hope to see you there!

Jon, Guy & Bob

Twotone Clients at EUROBIKE 2022

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🔧💨 SILCA (Hall 12.1 / B02)

One of Twotone’s oldest clients, SILCA, will be joining Eurobike this year by way of the HARTJE booth. Next to their standard products, SILCA will showcase their sister company, AEROMIND’s 3d printing work, a consultancy for cyclists attempting hour records or going for the podium on the UCI world tour. 


Since 2018, Twotone has earned editorial features for SILCA across the Benelux, UK & DACH. Over the years, we’ve connected SILCA with partner brands, and ambassadors, shot photos, produced shoots, led dealer tours and so much more. Most recently we did media outreach in France to support their new distributor, Mohawk Cycles.

More news about SILCA here

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⚡🚲 Serial 1, powered by Harley-Davidson 

Serial 1, powered by Harley Davidson, offers premium e-bikes that are guided by intelligent, human-centred design. Serial 1 e-bikes are crafted using the most advanced bicycle technology available, to create the easiest and most intuitive way to experience the fun, freedom, and instant adventure of riding a pedal-assist electric bicycle.


Serial 1 will have a 2022 RUSH Step-Thru demo bike at the Enviolo booth &

a 2022 BASH MTN at the Comodule booth on display, 


More news about Serial 1 here

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👴🏔 Old Man Mountain (hall 12.0 / D05)

Old Man Mountain is expanding their presence on the European market and Twotone is engaged in helping them with their upcoming international growth. 


Old Man Mountain was inspired to create a mount for racks on bikes without traditional mounting points. This started with QR skewer-mounted racks and has evolved into a full line of optional Fit Kits for Thru Axle, or QR Skewer mounting our Divide racks on any bike. The products are tested and trusted in the most extreme environments on earth.


Meet with OMM at Eurobike here. 

More news about Old Man Mtn here

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🪞🔔 Spurcycle (hall 12.0 / D05)

Known famously for their bell ring that makes you sing, Spurcycle has been producing carefully executed bicycle accessories that have become iconic favourites for over a decade. The company is rooted in practicality and rewarding relationships. The Spurcycle team is excited to further connect with the European market by visiting in person and in meetings with potential new dealers to expand their dealer network. Next to that, they have an exciting new product prototype to show. Make sure to try and test it out at the Spurcycle booth.


Meet with Spurcycle at Eurobike here.

More news about Spurcycle here

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🔌💆 Hyperice (Grofa - House of brands: 11.1 / B13 )

Twotone recently kicked off with Irvine, California-based Hyperice by way of their distributor Response Nordic AS. Their suite of innovative products is here to help you unlock the best version of yourself, so you can always be at the top of your game, no matter what that game might be. Twotone is helping get this message out in the Netherlands & Belgium.


Grofa will have a Recovery Set Up showcasing their Charging Station (consisting of Hypervolt 2 Pro, Hypersphere and Vyper), plus Normatec 3 at the booth.


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🚲⚡ Ampler Bikes (The Basil booth 12.1 / C11)

In 2016, Ampler launched their first e-bikes & Twotone is proud to have supported them since 2018. Initially with their launch in the Benelux market, multiple media rides and events over the years. Twotone also assisted with Ampler’s UK PR event earning a review in the Guardian. Recently Twotone had the opportunity to support a media visit to their factory in Tallinn where each bike is hand-assembled. Amplers are built to last you a lifetime and it was great to see everything done with great care and attention to detail! 

More news about Ampler here

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⚙️🚲 Trail.Camp (booth 9.1 / D20)

Kindernay Corporation is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specializing in the development and manufacturing of high-performance bike gear systems. The Kindernay XIV and VII are the world's strongest bicycle internal gear hubs, rated for use with the most powerful electric drive motors. Twotone helps their DACH distributor, Trail.Camp grow his business with consulting and arranging test rides of this amazing system in the region. Go check out their booth and talk to André who can tell you all about it with a lot of passion!


More news about Kindernay and here

Twotone clients & team on the scene:


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About Twotone Amsterdam

The roots of Twotone go back in 2007, when Twotone’s founder – Jon Woodroof – cofounded a fixed-gear focused bike shop in Atlanta, GA named No Brakes. His clothes nearly always matched his track bike & he earned the nickname Twotone. Jon cut his teeth on promoting his own shop, the brands they sold, and even suppliers, athletes, and other organisations they partnered with all before Instagram!

Those entrepreneurial roots grew into the hold your line, you'll be fine full-send approach to how we run our business today. A 10-year-old nickname became a Dutch BV in 2014 & Twotone has become THE one-stop-shop for cycling-savvy sales, marketing, and PR across Europe in the USA.

Over the course of the past nearly 9 years of helping brands find their way & have their say, we’re grateful for the successes, lessons, and trust! Schedule a meeting to learn more!

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