Spurcycle launches new “Visor Mirror” at Eurobike 2022

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“Sneak peak” Reveal Starts at Eurobike! 

Frankfurt– 14/07/22– Spurcycle is putting focus on the mirror space and will have a premium line of “stowable” mirrors that affix to a helmet or glasses.

Check out the first concept at Eurobike where Spurcycle is showing a design that can be deployed for use or stowed back and out of the way when not needed. Spurcycle designs will provide huge value in safety, social, and competitive benefits. Mirrors improve one’s ability to watch traffic, keep tabs on friends/family cycling together, and even maintain a tactical edge in a fast group ride.

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The “Visor Mirror” is a premium folding mirror streamlined for modern recreational and competitive riding. This new product includes a minimalist visor that affixes to virtually any helmet, delivering the benefits of a cycling cap with protection from sun and glare plus integration with this sleek and stylish mirror.  

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All mirror products are expected to be available in 2023.

About Spurcycle

Spurcycle has been producing carefully executed bicycle accessories that have become iconic favorites  for over a decade. The company is rooted in practicality and rewarding relationships. Spurcycle launched its first bicycle bell in August 2013 via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Widely imitated by other brands and replica manufacturers over the years since, Spurcycle’s Original Bell stood out by its design, artisan construction, and powerful sound, soon referred to by people as simply the “the best bell ever”. Spurcycle Bells and other cycling accessories are recognized and available around the world. For the first time the Spurcycle team will show their range of products at Eurobike, introducing a new product that will demonstrate clear vision.

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