Power your performance with the Vibe Superlight – PRO’s lightest ever cockpit

Improve your aerodynamic efficiency with the all-new PRO Compact Carbon Clip-On

Introduced in 2007, the PRO Vibe product range set the benchmark in terms of weight, strength and aesthetics for the discerning road cyclist. Featured prominently on SHIMANO Neutral Service bikes at the biggest cycling events in the world, PRO Vibe has been the cockpit of choice for Grand Tour stage and general classification wins over the years. This is why PRO is excited to introduce its all-new PRO Vibe Superlight Handlebar and Stem—shaving 75 grams off their previously lightest cockpit.

The PRO Vibe Superlight range, introduced in 2019, is the latest generation and represents an evolution in terms of weight saving and performance.

Weighing only 154 grams, for the 38-centimeter-wide model, this is the lightest road handlebar PRO has ever made.

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As the centerpiece for the new cockpit, the PRO Vibe Superlight Handlebar’s weight was not reduced at the expense of performance, as the handlebar’s high-grade UD T1100 carbon lay-up includes Innegra™ fibers, for improved impact resistance.

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With Innegra™ fibers in the carbon layup, the PRO Vibe Superlight Handlebar is made more resistant to ride-ending absolute failure, because of the carbon placement in these strategic locations.

It is not just weight savings that make the new handlebars remarkable: the oversized rounded tops provide a comfortable and ergonomic hand position too. Climbers who like to ride holding the tops will appreciate this feature.

The PRO Vibe Superlight Handlebar is fully compatible with SHIMANO Di2 internal cable routing, ensuring that riders with the latest drivetrains can also boast the cleanest Vibe Superlight Cockpits. Available in three widths, from 38 to 42 centimeters wide, the new PRO handlebars allow for a precise bike fit; when combined with the PRO Vibe Superlight Stem.

PRO Vibe Superlight Stem

Constructed from 7075 Alloy, and optimized for the PRO Vibe Superlight Handlebar, the PRO Vibe Superlight Stem is both lightweight and stiff and is compatible with other handlebars that have a 31.8 millimeters clamping diameter. The stem combined with the handlebar, completes the cockpit’s seamless integration of internal cable routing, on compatible bikes, while providing different cable routing options that are compatible with older frames. 

Available in 70- to 120-millimeter lengths, and featuring a ±6-degree angle, the PRO Vibe Superlight Stem can be installed in either a positive or negative orientation, to allow for a more (or less) aggressive cockpit set-up – making the ride truly yours.

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As the name suggests it is superlight, with the shortest version weighing just 92 grams; opting for a high-grade alloy construction, rather than carbon fiber. Further weight savings to the new PRO Vibe Superlight cockpit is provided by the PRO Gap Cap Expander Carbon, weighing in at only 24 grams — 16 grams less than PRO’s previous lightest expander.

PRO Gap Cap Expander Carbon

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Available in versions for 1 1/8 and 1 ¼ inch carbon steerers, the most weight conscious of cyclists, with a true eye for detail, will acknowledge that while this saving represents a small difference in grams, it is significant in percentages improvement of 40%.

When combined with the new PRO Gap Cap Expander Carbon and the lightweight Stem Computer Mount the superlight cockpit provides PRO’s lightest ever set-up, with a superbly functional offering.

PRO Vibe Computer Mount

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Completing the perfect PRO climber’s cockpit into a high performance and functional unit is the PRO Vibe Computer Mount. Available in two models, one of which is designed to fit the new PRO Vibe Superlight and existing PRO Vibe Carbon stems, it provides an out-front mounting point for Garmin, Wahoo and Bryton head units. Thanks to its hinge it offers either an upwards or downwards adjustability of 20 degrees, as well as two fore or aft positions, 11 millimeters apart. The bolt-on design, which attaches to the faceplate of the stem, ensures that the Stem Computer Mount is securely fastened to the bike, eliminating the risk of losing one’s cycling computer should the asphalt get a little bumpy.

PRO Compact Carbon Clip-On

Designed for ultra-endurance cyclists and short distance triathletes, who are constantly searching for ways to improve their aerodynamic efficiency, PRO’s new Compact Carbon Clip-On extension provides hand positions which facilitate an aerodynamic position on the bike while maintaining a comfortable and controlled use of the bike. It also improves functionality, by incorporating a bike computer mount and a slot for bolting on a PRO Accessory Mount.

442298-PRO_Compact Carbon Clip-On_JPEG_1500x1500_Shadow_6-85f0f3-original-1662456180.jpg
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Constructed from UD T700 carbon the PRO Compact Carbon Clip-On weighs just 135 grams. Far less of a weight penalty than a traditional triathlon/time trial extension, the PRO Compact Carbon Clip-On still provides similar aerodynamic gains, allowing riders to bring their hands together in a position which reduces their frontal profile.

The solid, bolt-on construction, coupled with the broad hand placement zone, is covered by an anti-slip graphic that will ensure control while in the extension. While not intended for use on technical terrain or on descents, the PRO Compact Carbon Clip-On is secure enough to enhance control and comfort on those gravel or adventure races and rides.  

PRO products, carry a limited lifetime warranty; based on a 10-year expected lifetime.

PRO Vibe Superlight Handlebar

  • Widths: 38, 40, and 42
  • Weight: from 154g
  • Drop: 130mm
  • Reach: 80mm
  • Clamping diameter: 31.8mm
  • SRP: €419.95

PRO Vibe Superlight Stem

  • Lengths: 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm and 120mm
  • Weight: from 92g
  • Clamping diameter: 31.8mm
  • Angle: ±6 degrees
  • Steerers: 11/8 and 1¼ inch
  • SRP: €159.95

PRO Vibe Computer Mount

  • Weight: 37g
  • Adjustability: ±20 degrees and 11mm
  • Constructed from 6061 Alloy
  • Ships with cradles to mount Garmin, Wahoo and Bryton head units
  • SRP: €54.95

PRO Compact Carbon Clip-On

  • Weight: 135g
  • Compatible with all 31.8mm diameter handlebars
  • Constructed from UD T700 carbon
  • Garmin, Bryton and Wahoo bike computer mounts included
  • SRP: €159.95

PRO Gap Cap Expander

  • Weight: 24g
  • Available for 1 1/8 and 1 ¼ inch steerers
  • Alloy construction
  • Includes a carbon top cap
  • SRP: €34.95

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