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Old Man Mountain Makes Racks for All

Bike Racks That Fit (nearly) Any Bike

There are so many different bikes out there, all with unique sizes and geometry. Fitting a rack to your bike is not always easy. Old Man Mountain has an option for any kind of bike, with their adventure ready racks giving cyclists options to carry gear for whatever they want to take on. Gravel bikes, road bikes, fatbikes, full suspension, hardtails and everything in between, Old Man Mountain has a Fit Kit to put a rack on it.

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The comeback of the rack?

Mountain bikers and bikepackers for many years have been experiencing problems with carrying cargo during their rides. They are riding hills with backpacks filled with snacks or heavy dangling bags and cups clumsily strapped to a saddle and seatpost. And with no mounting options for racks on their (suspension) bikes it was a hopeless situation.

In recent years a new trend has occurred that brings riders more stability, safety and comfort while riding their bike with gear, getting the weight off riders backs and on to their bikes. Adding a rack to your gravel or mountain bike is something more and more people do while going on a trip or a long weekend ride. Since the set-up is relatively new in the world of gravel biking and mountain biking it’s sometimes a refreshingly odd sight, turning heads along the way. Old Man Mountain racks are the most versatile racks available. Capable of mounting to full-suspension mountain bikes, gravel bikes, road bikes, fat bikes, even tri-bikes if that’s what you’re in too"

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The Divide, an adventure ready rack for any bike

Introduced in 2021, the Divide is the evolution of their rugged and reliable Classic rack. Eyelet, thru axle, or quick-release skewer mountable, the Divide fits Gravel and Road bikes, Full suspension and hardtail bikes, even Tri bikes! The Divide Fat fits all fat bikes and larger Plus tires. The Divide dropout design is extremely versatile, making the divide front or rear ready. Even on the most rugged terrain or jumping through the air, the Divide has a massive 55lb/25kg carrying capacity when eyelet mounted and a 70lb/33kg capacity when axle mounted using one of their Fit Kits. The Divide is made to fit up to 3″ tires with room for mud, and the Divide Fat fits all fat bike tires. With height adjustable dropouts, the Divide has plenty of room for fenders, even with large tires. A low pannier rail makes it easier to take bags off with gear lashed to the deck. It also lowers the center of gravity making the bike more stable.

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The Elkhorn, a slender multi-tool of a rack

Stable and secure, the more minimal Elkhorn rack is set to come out in Summer 2022. With 3-pack mounts on the uprights for your favorite cargo or bottle cages and more tie-down points on the deck than you could ever need, the Elkhorn lets you feel the trail beneath you rather than the tail wag behind you. The rack comes in two versions, a Tall, and a Short. The Short is designed for 27.5 and 700c wheels. Fits tires up to 27.5 x 2.8″ or 700c x 50mm. The Tall is designed for maximum mud clearance and bikes with 29″ tires. Fits tires up to 29 x 3.25″. Eyelet mount ready for front or rear the Elkhorn can also be thru axle or QR skewer mounted using the same Fit Kits as the Divide rack. All Old Man Mountain racks are backed by a Lifetime Warranty, so between their warranty and their Fit Kits you can be confident that this will be the last rack you ever need.

About Old Man Mountain

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About Old Man Mountain

Old Man Mountain was born from the need to mount racks on bikes without traditional mounting points. This started with QR skewer mounted racks, and has evolved into a full line of optional Fit Kits for Thru Axle, or QR Skewer mounting racks on any bike. The products are tested and trusted in the most extreme environments on earth. Old Man Mountain racks have helped riders traverse Iceland in bitter cold winters, carried the gear of countless GDMBR riders, and circumnavigated the globe. The only remaining question is where will it go with you?

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About Twotone Amsterdam

The roots of Twotone go back in 2007, when Twotone’s founder – Jon Woodroof – cofounded a fixed-gear focused bike shop in Atlanta, GA named No Brakes. His clothes nearly always matched his track bike & he earned the nickname Twotone. Jon cut his teeth on promoting his own shop, the brands they sold, and even suppliers, athletes, and other organisations they partnered with all before Instagram!

Those entrepreneurial roots grew into the hold your line, you'll be fine full-send approach to how we run our business today. A 10-year-old nickname became a Dutch BV in 2014 & Twotone has become THE one-stop-shop for cycling-savvy sales, marketing, and PR across Europe in the USA.

Over the course of the past nearly 9 years of helping brands find their way & have their say, we’re grateful for the successes, lessons, and trust! Schedule a meeting to learn more!

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