Silca Brings Its Famous Aero Socks To A New Height

The New Collection of Aeros TALL will come in six different colors and a new, taller height.

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Indianapolis/Amsterdam 2nd February 2023 – SILCA announces today the expansion of their Aero Socks to now include the Aero TALL Sock. This aerodynamic sock can save you up to 8 watts. SILCA focuses on six new solid colors and fewer patterns for the new Aero TALL collection.

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A three centimeter difference from its Aero Sock origins, the new length gives more coverage for the shin. The body of the sock is knitted from Q-Skin yarn to provide comfort and moisture wicking properties. While we wait for the not-so-distant spring, these socks are an ideal companion for indoor training sessions. 


  • Built-in, aerodynamic turbulators and height can save up to 4 to 8 watts
  • Q-Skin knit that is antimicrobial and anti-odor
  • Design with a toe seam to reduce frictional sores around the toe box
  • 19.5 cm cuff that does not violate UCI sock height regulations (for most)

New Aero Socks Colorways

  • Sunset
  • Camo
  • Gulf Racing
  • Mellow Yellow
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Aero Socks Story

Three years ago Josh Poertner, CEO of SILCA, convinced one of our ProTour teams to move every rider to aero socks for every event. The savings from aero socks are one of those crazy things in cycling that we mostly still can't believe, but repeats in the data every time 8-12 watts of savings at 50kph…unbelievable.

Little did Josh realize that he was about to be responsible for a mutiny among the riders. Early in the spring classics, the problems began, the ribbed lycra cuffs which lead to the improved aerodynamics would fall down.. constantly.

The technology

Custom knitting machinery allows us to produce a sock with smooth frontal surface where the airflow is laminar, with the addition of 3 rows of turbulators starting just ahead of the flow separation zone. These turbulators introduce small vortices in the boundary layer which energize the flow and promote flow attachment further around the leg. More attached flow means a smaller pressure wake behind the leg, less wake = less drag. 4-8 watts drag reduction when compared to standard sock and equal to ribbed lycra socks of similar height.

SILCA aero socks are knit from Q-Skin, a silver ion infused polyamide which is anti-bacterial, odor resistant, and more importantly, has better softness and moisture control than any of the yarns commonly used to knit socks. Not only are these socks fast, they're the most comfortable sock you've ever worn.

Thus started the mission. Can we make an aero sock, that is first and foremost a really good sock? Josh worked with a team in Italy who is quite famous for making the finest socks in the world, and who also has some of the most modern kitting machinery in the world. The goal was to make a knit sock that won't fall down, but has a combination of smooth and rough texture to trick the air into flowing around the lower leg more efficiently. The result is a sock which matches the aerodynamic performance of ribbed lycra cuff socks, while retaining all of the features you demand from a cycling sock.


Silca announces two new chuck options that feature a quick-connect style chuck exclusively for inflating with Schrader. Easy to use with a push-lock and quick-release sleeve. No need for a locking lever or threading. The chuck body is made with a high-grade aluminum and a synthetic elastomer face that seals with little to no air loss; plus provides near-zero gasket wear ... lasting a lifetime. The perfect companion for air compressors. Two Schradero Chuck options are available depending on your inflation needs: Threaded or Barbed. Compatible with all existing Schrader chucks.

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New Wool Colors

Additionally, two new colorways, Monday Blues and Merlot, for the SILCA Merino Wool socks are being introduced as well. Perfect for colder and/or wet weather rides. The Wool Socks provide comfort with extra knit in the toe box and reduced knit in the heel. The moisture-wicking and drying properties make them ideal for gravel as well. 

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About Silca 

SILCA was founded in 1917 by Felice Sacchi outside of Milan, Italy and was well-known for the first company to put gauges on pumps, the first to produce a true ‘high-pressure’ frame pump and the first to work with revolutionary lightweight material plastic after the end of WWII, and later the first to bring CO2 to roadside inflation. Today SILCA is located in Indianapolis, IN where it continues to build iconic products that utilize the finest materials and craftsmanship available while pushing technological boundaries by leveraging the most modern engineering and manufacturing practices and materials.

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