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London / Antwerp – 27/01/23 – British wheel brand Parcours and Belgian technology company Classified cycling announce a long term technical partnership, bringing class leading aerodynamics together with Powershift technology. Parcours wheels are now available with Classified Powershift technology for the full road and gravel range with more exciting announcements and partnership developments planned for later this year. Powershift-enabled Parcours wheels were also displayed as part of Classified’s offering during the first large scale trade show of the year at Velofollies in Belgium last week.

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Since launching in 2016, Parcours has grown its reputation for offering high-performance wheelsets at an affordable price point. In early 2020 Parcours launched the Strade wheelset, developed in partnership with the Sports Engineering Department at Nottingham Trent University. Featuring differential front/rear rim profiles, this allows it to be aerodynamically optimised for a wider (28mm) tyre, whilst also providing exceptional crosswind stability. This #thinkwider aero technology has subsequently been introduced to many other wheelsets within the range.

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Classified has been one of the most talked about cycling brands of recent years, developing and commercialising innovative drivetrain products for the cycling industry. Classified’s Powershift technology makes the conventional front derailleur a thing of the past and offers electronic shifting, instantaneously, under full load and with uncompromised gear ratio. 

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At Classified we always want to work with the brands that mirror our desire to push boundaries in all areas of the cycling world, and Parcours are doing that. Our combined knowledge of road and gravel markets, coupled with Parcours expertise in the triathlon space, point to some very exciting developments this year. Mathias Plouvier, co-founder & CEO at Classified
We’re very excited to be working with Classified on some big projects in 2023 and beyond. They have brought a refreshing and innovative approach to drivetrain design, mirroring our own approach to wheelset development. It was an easy decision to partner with the Classified team and we can’t wait to bring their shift technology to riders across all the categories we cover. Dov Tate, founder of Parcours


Classified is a deep tech company with the mission to create drivetrain products that transform the riding experience and performance of all cyclists. Classified was founded in 2019 and employs 45 people, located in their Antwerp (Belgium) and Eindhoven (the Netherlands) offices. Classified's products (Powershift drivetrain systems and Classified wheels) are equipped on more than 40 bicycle brands, and available from a global network of certified distributors and dealers. The company's investors include well respected Olympic and World Champion riders Tom Boonen, Anna Van der Breggen, Andre Greipel and Marcel Kittel. The Classified Powershift system was awarded a Eurobike Gold Award in 2021.


PARCOURS was founded in the summer of 2016 by Dov Tate, after discovering that there was something missing from the market; an affordably priced and aero-tested wheelset. Using his background in engineering and passion for the sport of cycling, Dov decided to set out with the idea of creating just that.

Dov spent the early part of 2016 reaching out to different suppliers to find out what materials they had to offer, and in the March of that same year travelled over to the US to begin some more comprehensive testing in a specialist wind tunnel in North Carolina. As part of this process Dov started to investigate where others had gone wrong, and indeed the routes in which he would be able to take in order to set Parcours apart from its competitors. Upon receiving the results, Dov was able to fully analyse the data recorded and look into trends in manufacturing, rim shape and design – from which some early wheel designs were drawn.

In early June 2016, Dov travelled all the way over to mainland China, to specifically research the materials and processes behind the development of the wheels. He explored different carbon layups, resins and components, to ensure that not only was he looking to create a fast and competitive aerodynamic wheel, but also one that would be able to withstand impact, with a build quality that made them durable and robust.

A few months later in the summer of 2016, Parcours was officially launched with three wheels headlining the new range – the Grimpeur, Passista and Chrono.

Since then, the Parcours range has been further developed to include full ranges for the road, time trial bikes and even as far as gravel. The Strade wheelset is an impressively fast all-road wheelset with proven aerodynamics and stability, and the Alta range can support on the roughest gravel trails to allow you to get the most of your off-road adventures. 

Parcours has enjoyed some great successes over the years, and continually seeks to refine and develop its product range with new-generation wheels launched as new technologies emerge and trends evolve. For some time now, Dov and the Parcours team have been working in collaboration with Dr Steve Faulkner from Nottingham Trent University to study in great detail the effect of wind angle on a bike frame and wheels, creating the #thinkwider aero range as a result of these studies which was released at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Parcours wheels are the ideal choice for athletes that have an interest in tangible gains in their sport – those that want to see transparency and proven data, recognising the benefit that good aerodynamics can have on their performance. 

Parcours partners with some of the world’s best athletes, who train and race using its products and at the same time help to test and offer feedback, helping to shape the path of ongoing product development. Parcours athletes include triathletes Fenella Langridge, Laura Siddall and Kyle Smith.

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