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Tour dates announced for Shift Cycling Culture’s film ‘Cracked Earth’

Shift releases a film to raise awareness about the effects of climate change and calls on the global cycling community to host local screenings.

Shift Cycling Culture, a foundation aiming to accelerate collective climate action in the global cycling industry and community, has launched a film about the impact of climate change on the places where cyclists love to ride. The film will be released with a Premiere Tour of screenings around the world throughout Spring 2023.

The 30-minute documentary, called Cracked Earth, captures the lives of cyclists worldwide, living in areas where climate change is no longer a future threat, but a daily reality. Cracked Earth highlights how the effects of climate change are interlinked, globally and locally - and why urgent action is needed.

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22/03 - Plymouth // UK // Rockets and Rascals

23/03 - Melbourne // Australia // Curve Cycling

23/03 - Bristol // UK // Pedal Progression

25/03 - Berlin Kolektif Bike Fair // Germany

29/03 - Milan // Italy // Upcycle Bike Cafe

30/03 - Pozzoleone // Italy // Selle Royal HQ


13/04 - Girona // Spain // Athletic Affair

13/04 - London // UK // Via Atelier

14/04 - Heerlen // The Netherlands // Dutch Mountain Festival

20/04 - Amsterdam // The Netherlands // Patagonia HQ

Tour dates and locations will be updated here.

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We love where we ride

The film, produced and directed by Shift Cycling Culture’s founder Lian van Leeuwen, has been created as a tool to accelerate climate action in the global cycling industry and community. “As cyclists we all share a love for the bike. But we also share a global, existential challenge: climate change and biodiversity loss are having a devastating impact on the outdoor spaces we use as our playground. From the saddles of our bikes, we witness the climate crisis unfold. Extreme weather conditions, changing landscapes and diminishing biodiversity: the climate crisis is impacting every aspect of our life. And it’s happening in our own backyards.” - Lian van Leeuwen, founder Shift Cycling Culture

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Where to watch

The Cracked Earth Premiere Tour includes screenings in (i.a.) Amsterdam, Berlin, Melbourne, London, Girona, Bristol, Copenhagen and Milan, with many more dates and locations being added to the Tour in coming weeks. To find out when and where you can catch a screening of Cracked Earth near you, check this page on the Shift Cycling Culture website which will be updated regularly.

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Host a screening

Shift Cycling Culture encourages local cycling communities and cycling-related organizations to organize a screening of their own, as an opportunity to connect the global message of the film with local action. To request a screening, contact [email protected]

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Cracked Earth was made possible by supporting partners: Brooks England, PEdALED, Komoot, FOCUS Bikes and all crowdfunding backers

We also thank Flims/LAAX and Crank Communication for their contribution

About Shift Cycling Culture

Shift Cycling Culture is a global not-for-profit foundation aiming to accelerate collective climate action in the global cycling industry and community. For more information, please visit

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