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The Robert Axle Project and Old Man Mountain are introducing a new and improved Axle Finder - That You Can Have Too!

The Robert Axle Project has developed a new Axle Finder to better support their dealers and direct customers. There are so many axles lengths and thread options available, that finding the right axle for a customer’s bike can be a real challenge. It’s even common that the bike brand may not know what the correct axle is for their bike.

The Robert Axle Project Axle Finder provides the right axle every time with just a few simple questions, 100 percent guaranteed! Whether it’s a lightweight replacement axle, a Kid Trailer axle, a Trainer axle or a Cargo Trailer axle, they have it. 

The Fit Finder easily provides the right Fit Kit when choosing to axle mount an Old Man Mountain rack. The Robert Axle Project has thousands of bikes in their database that they have been building for ten years and they are adding new bikes as fast as they come out, daily.

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The new finder is available for all Robert Axle Project and Old Man Mountain dealers. It displays just one question at a time and has a progress bar at the top, making it simpler and easier to use. The colors are also customizable to perfectly match the main color and the accent color to your website!

The new Fit Finder is built on an iframe so it is easy to add to any site without affecting your site speed.

To add the Robert Axle Project Axle Finder to your site, email [email protected]

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