Ampler Empowers the Public to Select their New E-Bike Colours

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Amsterdam, 6 July – This summer, Ampler, the renowned e-bike manufacturer, is inviting the public to participate in selecting the vibrant new colours for their popular Stellar and Stout models. In an exciting new campaign, individuals will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity by painting the frames of these cutting-edge e-bikes, ultimately influencing the visual identity of the brand. The submission period for artwork will run until July 31st.

Out of all submissions, Ampler will bring one single colour Stellar and Stout into their actual model range and on top, execute one singular bike out of the most creative artwork submitted. 

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Ampler's commitment to engaging its community in the design process is at the core of this campaign. By opening the doors to public involvement, the company aims to create a more inclusive and personalized experience for its riders. With the chance to influence the aesthetics of the e-bikes, Ampler is fostering a sense of ownership and pride among its customers.

"We believe that our customers should have a say in the design of their e-bikes, as it reflects their unique personalities and preferences," said Tuuli Jevstignejev, CMO of Ampler. "With this initiative, we are thrilled to give the public an opportunity to become co-creators of our brand and express their artistic flair."

Ampler's Stellar model offers a sleek and comfortable ride, built for urban adventurers seeking a powerful yet agile e-bike. With its lightweight frame and advanced features such as connectivity, the Stellar delivers a remarkable e-bike experience that combines style and performance.

On the other hand, the Stout model caters to individuals who prioritize comfort and versatility in their e-bike journey. With its robust build and all-terrain capabilities, the Stout effortlessly handles any road conditions while providing a smooth and enjoyable ride. 

In addition to the creative campaign, Ampler has announced a price adjustment for the Stellar and Stout models. Starting from August 1st, there will be an increase of 100.- EUR to reflect the continuous enhancements and refinements made to these high quality e-bikes.

Ampler’s wish is that this initiative will strengthen the bond between the brand and its customers. By engaging the public in the decision-making process and introducing fresh colours to the Stellar and Stout models, Ampler is taking a bold step towards further personalization and uniqueness in the e-bike industry.

To learn more about Ampler and participate in the colour selection campaign, please visit Ampler before the submission deadline on July 31st. Link to the Terms and Conditions for more details.

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About Ampler:

Ampler is a leading e-bike manufacturer dedicated to revolutionizing urban commuting. With a focus on quality, innovation, connectivity and sustainable mobility, Ampler delivers sleek and powerful e-bikes that seamlessly blend into the urban landscape. Since its inception, Ampler has been committed to providing exceptional riding experiences while hand assembling all its e-bikes in their own factory in Europe. 23 000 happy riders across Europe have contributed feedback to constant product improvements.

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