Velocio Announces FW '23-'24 Collection

Focusing on great fabrics & patterns, Velocio introduces new garments to their Fall/Winter drop-bar collection.

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Londonderry / Amsterdam – 22/09/23 – Velocio announces the Fall/Winter collection for 2023 & 2024. Far from fast-fashion which scraps a palette every year, the brand from Londonderry stays true to a long-lasting mindset that goes from garments to colors. 

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A new color is now available for the Concept Merino Long Sleeve Jersey, Midnight Plum, and the Utility Bibs now come in a thermal winter tights length. The rest of the collection remains the same quality, colors, and patterns.

With a deep understanding of layering and materials, Velocio offers technical garments both in synthetic & natural fibers that give the best performance in those fall days that are around the corner.

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Being Merino one of their top materials, Velocio mixes it with nylon to guarantee the ultimate high-output mid or base layer, thanks to its ability to evaporate moisture while regulating body temperature. Layered with a vest or a jacket on top, you'll be ready for long descents. Take the upper layer off and be ready for the next climb or even some light rain on zone 4.

The Utility bib has been the choice of many during this season's ultra-distance races. After such a great welcome by pros and amateurs, Velocio has decided to create a tight based on the same principles: best fabric plus a large rear-panel pocket and two stealth cargo pockets for the long haul.

The Softshell Vest, is probably the key element for both spring and autumn. This three-layered protection pairs with a fleece-lined breathable back panel for a vest that boasts warmth and versatility. Zip & unzip the front to regulate the amount of wind you want to block, and leave it open for maximum ventilation, without any moist building on the back.

About Velocio

Velocio was started because the company believed there was a better way to create, market, and celebrate cycling and cycling apparel. Launching with a women’s collection in 2014, its approach has been driven by three pillars: creating better, committed to a higher standard, and creating community.

Velocio always takes responsibility for its role in sustainable sourcing by seeking out the most environmentally responsible suppliers. The jersey collection is made from recycled fabrics, and, increasingly, their bib short collection is following suit as raw materials allow. The company uses biodegradable packaging in its shipping materials.

Velocio is also the only cycling apparel brand that gives 1% of its revenue to environmental causes, a fact that they celebrated with a special collaboration jersey with 1% for the Planet. Furthermore, its manufacturing partner follows EU labor guidelines, which oversee conditions of employment, discrimination, equal pay, and the protection of pregnant workers.

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About Twotone Amsterdam

The roots of Twotone go back in 2007, when Twotone’s founder – Jon Woodroof – cofounded a fixed-gear focused bike shop in Atlanta, GA named No Brakes. His clothes nearly always matched his track bike & he earned the nickname Twotone. Jon cut his teeth on promoting his own shop, the brands they sold, and even suppliers, athletes, and other organisations they partnered with all before Instagram!

Those entrepreneurial roots grew into the hold your line, you'll be fine full-send approach to how we run our business today. A 10-year-old nickname became a Dutch BV in 2014 & Twotone has become THE one-stop-shop for cycling-savvy sales, marketing, and PR across Europe in the USA.

Over the course of the past nearly 9 years of helping brands find their way & have their say, we’re grateful for the successes, lessons, and trust! Schedule a meeting to learn more!

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