Old Man Mountain Launches the Axle Pack to Make Any Fork Cargo-Ready

Focused on stability, performance, and sturdiness, the US brand from Bend (OR) brings this prototype presented at this year's Eurobike to life.

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Bend / Amsterdam – 16/01/24 – As cycling disciplines expand, so does the need to be versatil to fit all bikes. From fast gravel to road sections, through single trails and anything in between, the current bikes are devices constantly transformed and adapted, and so are their cargo loading capacities.

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Old Man Mountain hinted about its newest device at this year's Eurobike: an aluminum piece that, mounted on the axles and secured on the fork arms, will allow cyclists to transform any regular carbon fork into an adventure worthy one, bringing 3-Pack mounts. 

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The Axle Pack allows multiple scenarios and bike transformations, from just attaching your water bottle, to securing your dry bag with the sleeping bag. When combined with other racks, bags, and on-body options,  the Axle Pack allows one bike to go from a long-day, thirsty route, to a multi-day-into-the-woods adventure.

Made out of 6061 aluminum, the Axle Pack weighs just 73g per side.

With this new product, the brand from Bend not only steps into the light-packing world, but also unfolds a clear vision of what cargo devices should bring into the cycling conversation. The Axle Pack provides a transformative solution for bikes, allowing the riders to enter any kind of activity, committing to a same bicycle solution (flat bar, drop bar, suspension, or rigid) and transforming it to the needs of any adventure.


  • Fits any fork using our thru axle Fit Kits.
  • Made from 6061 aluminum, Axle Pack is lightweight, stiff, and strong.
  • A svelte 73g per side.
  • It securely mounts to our axle studs.
  • Cannot slide down or rotate around the fork legs.
  • It can carry a lot more than a fork that has 3-pack mounts.
  • Most bike’s mounts are rated to just 1.5kg each! Add to that low weight limit, the possibility of an impact to the bags on a tree or rock and you have a fair chance of ripping the eyelets out of your fork, especially a carbon fork.
  • Axle Pack is rated to 10kg per pair!
  • Made in Taiwan.
  • Lifetime warranty!

About Old Man Mountain

Old Man Mountain was born from the need to mount racks on bikes without traditional mounting points. This started with QR skewer-mounted racks, and has evolved into a full line of optional Fit Kits for Thru Axle, or QR Skewer mounting racks on any bike. The products are tested and trusted in the most extreme environments on earth. Old Man Mountain racks have helped riders traverse Iceland in bitter cold winters, carried the gear of countless GDMBR riders, and circumnavigated the globe. The only remaining question is where will it go with you?

About Twotone Amsterdam

The roots of Twotone go back in 2007, when Twotone’s founder – Jon Woodroof – cofounded a fixed-gear focused bike shop in Atlanta, GA named No Brakes. His clothes nearly always matched his track bike & he earned the nickname Twotone. Jon cut his teeth on promoting his own shop, the brands they sold, and even suppliers, athletes, and other organisations they partnered with all before Instagram!

Those entrepreneurial roots grew into the hold your line, you'll be fine full-send approach to how we run our business today. A 10-year-old nickname became a Dutch BV in 2014 & Twotone has become THE one-stop-shop for cycling-savvy sales, marketing, and PR across Europe in the USA.

Over the course of the past nearly 9 years of helping brands find their way & have their say, we’re grateful for the successes, lessons, and trust! Schedule a meeting to learn more!

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