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We would like you to meet Fara Cycling from Oslo

Fara Cycling is an upstart Oslo-based bike brand consisting of passionate riders who naturally know the backroads of Oslo like the back of their hands. Their experience is built off of long trips throughout the world as well as local adventures exploiting the amazing forested areas surrounding the city after work, flying over gravel and looping home over quiet tarmac roads just before the sun sets for the night.

The company has taken the core Scandinavian values to heart but that's just one of the things that set it apart from other bike brands. Scandinavians are known for being lovers and users of the outdoors as well as a sincere empathy which reflects in their customer service.  Many large corporations talk about being "Customer Centric" but few walk the walk like Fara. They built their go-to-market strategy looking through the eyes of a cyclist and see each one of their customer as a "partner".  Using this "Reverse-engineered" brand concept, the guys in Oslo strive to offer you an exclusive, custom built bike at an accessible price using to fit those needs through their unique online configuration tool that lets you personalize most aspects of the bike yourself. Each Fara Cycling bike is hand-built  in the Fara Cycling Experience Center in Oslo, where everyone is welcome for a coffee to talk about the bikes.

FARA - The Oslo Project

Norway is, of course, famous for its nature. Everywhere you go, there is raw nature ready to be explored. This deep connection has been essential to developing Fara’s bikes into something that will never let you down, no matter what surface you’re riding or how bad the weather gets. You’re always ready to take on the next challenge and venture out further into the unknown.

Another pillar of Fara’s success can be found in the Norwegian word "fornuftig". It can be best translated to reasonable in english, sort of the opposite of "bling". It basically means that Norwegians look for clean designs and nothing but the highest quality possible yet without the frills and unnecessary features.  This is the basis of the Nordic Minimalist Design philosophy and apparent through everything the brand does.

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After starting the brand off focussed on the customer experience and working their way back through the process and thanks to new investment, the time has come to fully ramp up innovation on the product side. Working together with industry leading designers, Fara has completely revamped their flagship model, the F/AR, from the ground up. The 'AR' is an adventure sled made for long rides over mixed surfaces with its 35mm tire clearance and is not afraid to carry a light bikepacking set-up, despite its road geometry. Additional unique features fit the philosophy brand's perfectly. Fara believes that if you don't have a dossard pinned on, this is the one and only bike you need.  Born out of the style of riding in the unique ecosystem that surrounds the city, the new F/AR is a worthy continuation of "The Oslo Project" the brand started on a little over a year ago.

We are stoked to tell you more about this project very soon.

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