Fara Cycling introduces a road bike made to conquer the hearts of pros and amateurs alike

The Norwegian company hasn't stopped for a single moment and after the outstanding welcoming of their All Road Model F/AR, they are ready to make another statement, now for roadies.

Under Embargo until the 01/10/21 12:00 pm CET

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Oslo/Amsterdam 01/10/21 –– Fara Cycling unveils their new road model, the F/RD. Combining their strong roots in Nordic Design with some adventure-ready add-ons, like the IBS Light and tire clearance of 32mm, and aero-optimized tube shapes, the F/RD provides precise handling, improved vertical compliance all at an extremely lightweight

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The company founded by Jeff Webb has mastered the art of making premium quality bikes, usually reserved for World Tour Pros, and now they want to make it accessible for the everyday rider. The all-new F/RD is the foremost advanced bike they have created so far, ideal for exploring both your surroundings and your own limits, with a geometry that will also give you the support you need for the long rides.

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The bike has a race-performance concept at its core with a ready-to-crush-long-distances flavor. The geometry is racy for speed and quick handling but not too aggressive. The frame is well-balanced for stability and predictability. The response is immediate off the saddle but still comfortable over long distances thanks to increased vertical compliance. Several elements such as a compliant, mid-depth fork, tapered top-tube and lowered, slightly curved seat stays contribute to the rider's comfort.

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The F/RD started as a dream, an idea, and a clear concept: race faster, go further. Before the F/AR was even finished, the R&D department and Fara Cycling's CEO Jeff Webb discussed the optimal features of a next-generation road bike during regular long rides through the Taiwanese hills. It was clear from the beginning that the combination of low weight, agile handling, aero features, comfort, and practicality were the recipe for a race-bike that would fit the Fara Cycling ethos of high performance and simple, Nordic inspired aesthetics.

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During the exhausting development phase, Fara's CEO Jeff Webb relied on the constant advice and input of the former pro-cyclist, World Champion (and Tour de France Green Jersey winner), Thor Hushovd, who brought all the insight from the professional peloton. 

This is how the final design became the perfect mix between a race machine with pro specs and a long-distance grinder that allows all different riders to venture beyond their usual comfort zones.

The bike will be open for pre-sales from today and delivered in Spring 2022.


Smart Aero

Fara has set out to design the ultimate, do-it-all versatile race bike with low weight, advanced aerodynamics and agile handling, but without any of the bulk of the previous generation of Aero Road bikes. To achieve this, the frame’s head-tube, down-tube, seat-tube and seat-stays utilize NACA Airfoil tube shapes with truncated tails for optimal weight/aero balance and increased torsional stiffness.

Upfront, the wide-stance Aero-Optimized fork legs decrease airflow pressure around the wheel for drag-reduction. This advanced airfoil profile takes advantage of new UCI rules for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and minimum weight.

Smart Integration

Marginal gains are great if you are a pro-tour rider, they get it. Fara also knows that not every rider has a team of professional mechanics and a team bus supporting them, so they incorporated the Token A-Box system for integrated cable routing. The A-Box system allows the cables to run outside of the bar and stem and enter the frame through the headset. Riders get all of the advantages of fully internal cable routing without the hassles of complicated designs and proprietary parts. Any standard bar and stem combination can be used, making set-up, service and travel easy for the rider. To achieve a fully integrated system, they utilize a bar/stem combination and aerodynamic spacers which hide the cables completely from the wind before they enter the frame.

No more ugly, impractical external cables. Boom.


Optimized design and advanced manufacturing techniques have allowed them to produce a robust, yet feather-light carbon fiber frameset. Weighing in at an incredible sub-850g, the F/RD is the perfect weapon for everything from alpine ascents, granfondos and local crit racing.

IBS Light (Integrated Bikepacking System)

Fara has adapted our ground-breaking IBS in a practical, lightweight version on the F/RD. Hidden 64mm mounting inserts under the top-tube can be fitted with a dedicated Aero-Box utilizing Fidlock™ attachments allowing the Aero Box to be attached and removed in seconds. With space for a rain jacket, ride food, spares and tools or a small camera, the Aero-Box is the ideal companion for long rides.

All-Round capabilities

Rough roads? Dirt Roads? No sweat! They have increased tire clearance to a whopping 32mm giving space for ever-increasing modern rim and tire shapes for riding on more types of surfaces.


Borrowing from its older sibling (the F/AR), the F/RD also gets a toned-down version of the Curved Seat-Stays proven so effective for increasing vertical compliance. More comfort means less fatigue, allowing the rider to ride stronger, over longer distances.

Available in

5 sizes (48, 51, 54, 56 and 59cm)

4 “Fara Colours”: Fjord Green, Winter Sky Blue, Wet Asphalt and Morell Red.

Signature series (Carbon black - Logo Red Morell)

Product Highlights

  1. NACA Airfoil tube shapes with truncated tails for optimal weight / aero balance and increased torsional stiffness.
  2. Wide-stance Aero-optimized fork legs decrease airflow pressure around the wheel for drag-reduction.
  3. Full internal cable routing (Token A-Box)
  4. Incredibly low 845g frame weight.
  5. “IBS Light” (Integrated Bikepacking System) hidden 64mm attachment under top-tube with dedicated Aero-Box storage.
  6. All-Round capabilities with 32mm tire clearance.
  7. Hidden aero seat-post wedge.
  8. Reversible aero seatpost, offering 0 and 25mm set-back in one post.
  9. Intuitive Fit Road geometry - 5 sizes to fit nearly every rider.
  10. T47 Bottom Bracket eliminates irritating creaking noises.
  11. Subtly Curved Sea-Stays for increased comfort.
  12. Cable routing for mechanical and electronic shifting
  13. UCI Approved (pending).
  14. Starting price: 34 990kr (approx. €3.437) with Ultegra R8020 Mechanical Shifting.

About Fara

The name Fara comes from Old Norse and it means “to travel” or “to venture”, and inspired by the wild landscapes of Scandinavia, Fara Cycling uses clean lines, redefined concepts, and powerful ideas to bring alive a riding experience that connects you with nature, yourself, and your surroundings. From fast asphalt rides in the summer to winter gravel rides, Fara has studied every kind of terrain, rider necessities, gear to carry, and aspirations to create unique designs that guarantee the best riding experience with minimalistic, detailed design. 

Fara Cycles aspires to be the brand that everyone chooses to adventure and travel into the distant corners of our landscapes and ourselves. 

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