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SILCA launches new titanium products alongside an e-bike lube and winter socks

Today they launch Titanium Cleats and bolts, Synerg-E, an e-bike specific lubricant and socks to keep you warm on long winter rides

SILCA is at it again and is releasing four new products today. First, they are extending their line of 3D printed products with lightweight and strong Titanium Cleats. Also adding to this line are new Titanium Bolts that come in a wide range of colours to perfectly match (or clash) with your SILCA Titanium Bottle Cages.

Also extending is their range of eco-friendly lubricants with Synerg-E e-bike lubricant. This builds on SILCA’s award-winning Synergetic formula and is the ultimate wear-reducing lubricant for E-bikes. Synerg-E takes SILCA’s patent-pending Tungsten Tribofilm Technology and blends it into a higher viscosity lubricant optimized for the high torque experienced in E-bike drivetrains

Lastly, to keep your feet warm during those long cold winter rides, SILCA today releases all-new, super comfy winter socks.

Check out the details of the new products underneath.


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Traditionally, mountain cleats have only had two material options. Mild steel and brass. This has largely been to ensure that the cleat wore out faster than the pedal interface but has left us with cleats that are often times very fast wearing, and in all cases, are quite heavy. 

Enter 6/4 Titanium, only slightly less hard than tool or spring steel used in the pedals, it’s a remarkable 2.25 times stronger and 3 times harder than brass or mild steel. Best of all, the extreme toughness and abrasion resistance of 6Al/4V titanium means that you can expect 300-400% wear life compared to traditional materials.

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Now we couldn’t just stop there, but by combining 3D printing technology with this material that is 1/3 lighter than steel, we are able to achieve a cleat with an internal lattice structure (called a gyroid) which maintains stiffness and strength while reducing weight to create a cleat set that is HALF the weight of a standard cleat set.

This savings of 25-30 grams per set of cleats is significant over time, particularly in CX events where running is crucial.


  • 3D printed from 6Al/4V hardened titanium
  • Hardware, CNC machines 6/v washer plate
  • 6/4 mounting screws with T25 tool interface, 6Nm torque limit
  • Made in the USA

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The unique design of these bottle cage specific screws saves weight and improves strength while providing additional clearance for the bottle. The unique low-height head is 12mm diameter to better distribute load across nearly 3x more surface area than a cap screw and more than 2x the surface area of a button head providing both increased rigidity and lower stress at the interface.

Each screw is machined complete in one operation from 6Al/4V Titanium on a Swiss Lathe. Threads are roll-formed for peak strength and material grain alignment in the finished screw.


  • M5 x 0.8 x 12mm screw
  • 12mm diameter low profile wide flange head design
  • 1.5 grams per screw
  • T25 torx head 6Nm torque limit

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The Ultimate Wear Reducing lubricant for E-Bikes. Based on our own award-winning Synergetic lubricant, the first and only wet lube to record a 0.0% wear block in Zero Friction Cycling lab testing, Synerg-E takes our patent-pending Tungsten Tribofilm Technology and blends it into a higher viscosity lubricant optimized for the high torque experienced in E-Bike drivetrains.

E-bike chains experience more than 2X the internal pressures of traditional bike chains and are capable of wearing out expensive drivetrain components like chains, chainrings, and cassettes at more than twice the rate of traditional bicycles. By increasing viscosity and adding Calcium Sulfonate to the mix, Synerg-E gives up roughly 1 watt of pure efficiency to Synergetic, while nearly doubling the oil film strength to ensure the lowest rates of chain and drivetrain wear of any lubricant currently available.

As with all SILCA lubricants, Synerg-E uses only the finest, environmentally friendly pure synthetic base oils with additives approved as safe by the EPA and Bureau of Land Management. Synerg-E contains NO PFAS or other Fluorinated chemicals.

Read more about SILCA's commitment to being PFAS free here

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Lastly, to keep your feet warm during those long cold winter rides, SILCA today releases all-new, super comfy cold-weather socks. Made with the same modern, Italian knitting machinery as the Everyday Aero Socks, SILCA introduces the SILCA Winter Sock. Using premium wool yarn for the body and extra thickness in the toe, these socks will provide the warmth and comfort during your coldest winter rides.

  • Premium wool yarn for warm, comfort
  • Available in three sizes: S/M (37 - 41), L/XL (42 - 46), XXL (47 - 48)
  • Color options available seasonally
  • Made in Italy

Introducing SILCA's Newest Solution to Cold Feet
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All the products are now available on SILCA's website here


SILCA was founded in 1917 by Felice Sacchi outside of Milan, Italy and was well-known for the first company to put gauges on pumps, the first to produce a true ‘high-pressure’ frame pump and the first to work with revolutionary lightweight material plastic after the end of WWII, and later the first to bring CO2 to roadside inflation. Today SILCA is located in Indianapolis, IN where it continues to build iconic products that utilize the finest materials and craftsmanship available while pushing technological boundaries by leveraging the most modern engineering and manufacturing practices and materials.

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