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The european e-bike brand Econic One proudly presents its smart model range for the german market

With their refreshing approach of developing honest e-bikes for everyone, Econic One now wants to get the German market excited about their proven e-bikes.

Eschborn, Germany 28/09/2022 - In 2020 Econic One started building e-bikes for bikers by bikers, with the mission of enabling people all around the world to move around quickly, in an environmentally friendly way, while having fun.their passion for E-Bikes goes way back to 2010 and by continuously refining and improving their products, they have become what they stand for today.

Today the company is presenting its new range of e-Bikes to the German market including Econic One Bandit, Econic One Adventure and the commuter model Econic One Comfort Limited.

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When developing its product line, Econic One was particularly committed to making the riding experience as natural as possible. Working in close collaboration with Bafang, every effort was made to develop the smooth quality of pedal assistance for which they are becoming famous. All frames were designed and developed in-house and come with lifetime warranty. In addition, explicit attention has been paid to ensure that all models can be repaired anywhere in the world by any mechanic, to have a good feeling on all rides in any location and on any road. 

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The lineup presented in Europe includes bikes for a wide range of uses and riding styles to suit all riders.

The Bandit and Adventure models also include proprietary smart features developed by Econic, such as automatic locking by phone, GPS tracking and more.

Econic One Comfort Limited

The lightest Econic One step-through e-bike for the city: Econic One Comfort Limited is designed to make you fall in love with your commute. It’s highly user-friendly and has all the features you need for the everyday commute on a bike, including integrated lights, rack, fenders, and a range of up to 100km on a single charge. Whether it's riding to work, shopping, or for weekend getaways, the Econic One Comfort Limited shines in all the situations you face in everyday life.   

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Econic One Bandit

Nimble on the road, effortless off road: Bandit is a smart e-Bike with the stability of an enduro MTB and the agility of a city bike. It will take you anywhere you want to go and then more, from enjoying the local trails, all the way back to exploring the city. Bandit mounts Bafang’s M410 mid drive motor, the latest release in Bafang’s mountain range. With 500W peak power and plenty of torque, this bike is the perfect mix of practicality and fun. 

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Econic One Adventure

A smart hardtail e-MTB with a high-torque mid-mounted motor and a suspension fork for the pure fun of riding. Econic One Adventure feels most at home on the local trails, but still masters all the hurdles that everyday life has in store for an e-Bike. Adventure mounts Bafang’s M410 mid drive motor, the latest release in Bafang’s mountain range, specifically optimized by Econic One for this bike. Pure riding fun on all surfaces made for explorers. 

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Smart and Connected

Econic One develops their proprietary smart and connected features in-house, allowing riders total control of their e-Bikes from the Econic One App. This includes GPS tracking, anti-theft alarm and more. Furthermore, the Econic One fleet manager allows business customers, such as hotels and company fleets, to manage their e_bikes efficiently and remotely. 

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Valuing the Bike Shop

At the end of the day, Econic One attracts bike retailers above anything else with one promise: one price, one stock, and the same policies for all channels.  With the belief that the local bike shop should still be an essential part of the customer journey, they are rapidly expanding their network of dealers in Germany, making sure that every customer can get the best advice, experience and assistance.

About Econic One

Econic One designs, manufactures and markets high quality e-bikes at an affordable price. Through this approach, Econic One is becoming one of the world's leading providers of smart e-bikes and is now available in 22 countries and through over 500 dealers worldwide.

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For investor inquiries contact Vladi Davtchev, CO-CEO: [email protected] 

For sales inquiries contact Christian Kaiser: [email protected]

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