LEMMO introduces the first E + Bike to the Netherlands

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Amsterdam, 22nd June 2023 – LEMMO blends the joy of cycling simplicity with tech-driven performance, taking light electric mobility to a new level with the LEMMO ONE E+Bike being released in the Netherlands.

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LEMMO ONE is the first-ever bike which can transform from fully-manual to fully-electric mode. This unique E+Bike concept offers the effortless pleasure of a pedal-assisted e-bike with the smoothness of a resistance free traditional bike – all in one vehicle – making the need to own both a separate e-bike and traditional “ m-bike” obsolete. With this concept LEMMO ONE gives its owner a new possibility of Hybrid Freedom.

Dual Mode Clutch Hub

The LEMMO ONE E+Bike is made possible through the patented DUAL MODE CLUTCH HUB that allows cyclists to disconnect the 250W electric motor from the rear hub.

This results in an agile and lightweight bicycle with an m-bike weight of only 15 kg after easily removing the e-parts. This allows riders the joy of a smooth and resistance-free traditional bike to explore cities and beyond without the need for motorized assist.

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Empowering not only your bike, but also your daily life.

Bikes without e-parts have a significantly longer lifetime. By making major e-parts independent from the bike, LEMMO created the Smartpac, an easily-removable, portable unit integrating battery, motor controller, IoT, and other technologies.

Beyond that the Smartpac provides a reliable source of power to charge electronic devices, even laptops and smartphones, for extreme versatility on the go and can easily be charged at home within 3,5 hours.

And to deliver the best-possible and safest e-bike experience, the Smartpac is paired with a dedicated app that allows riders to control, localize and e-lock their e-bike remotely.

Thanks to the detachable Smartpac, the e-unit of the LEMMO ONE can be replaced if the electric components deteriorate or can likewise be upgraded without the need for purchasing a new e-bike. This results in a significant reduction of waste and obvious benefits for both the consumer and the environment. 

The Smartpac can be flexibly purchased or leased via subscription, and renewed to the latest technology when needed.

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The squeeze-cast recycled aluminum frame is assembled with a special adhesive bonding process using the latest automotive technology. Available with a 1x10 drivetrain (11 – 42T), in both step-over and step-through frame configurations, the LEMMO ONE is ready for adventures off-grid thanks to generously-sized tyres, strong and reliable hydraulic disc brakes, and a new extra that can soon be purchased, a suspension seatpost. A belt drive configuration will be available from mid-July 2023, but can be purchased immediately and will be shipped within four weeks.

LEMMO Future

LEMMO stands for Light Electric Micro Mobility and is a Berlin-based start-up focused on Micro Mobility. The experienced team aims to answer the needs of the future of transportation within the city. Therefore, Lemmo One is only the first product, but more vehicles will follow up, and not only bicycles.

Lemmo promises to bring affordable products to their customers in order to get more users on e-vehicles instead of motor vehicles. This will be achieved through reorganization of the assembly process and design, to the point that is simple enough to make it cost efficient.

Launch in the Netherlands June 2023

The LEMMO ONE E+Bike will be available in the Netherlands from the LEMMO Website and can be tried out in the Workspace 6 (Tussen de Bogen 6, 1013 GM Amsterdam) beginning 22nd June 2023.

To register for updates, go to www.lemmofuture.com


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