OMNIUM returns to EUROBIKE 2024

Join OMNIUM for exclusive reveals, a unique after-hours party, and test rides of incredible builds at Messe Frankfurt from 3-7 July.

24 June, 2024 · Copenhagen, Denmark — OMNIUM is thrilled to return to EUROBIKE 2024 at Messe Frankfurt. This year, they're bringing an even larger showcase, filled with more bikes, exciting new products, and a few surprises they've been eager to share.

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New Products and Innovations

At EUROBIKE, expect the unveiling of several new products, including the new:

  • OMNIUM Day Ripper: a city bike that invites you to redefine what a mundane commute is all about whether you‘re treading tarmac or crusty paths. (photos pending)
  • Tilting Rack Bracket: designed for the OMNIUM Cargo and Mini-Max — allowing for more compact storage and easier transportation. (photos pending)
  • Baby Carrier Mount: compatible with numerous baby car seats and stroller bassinets. (photos pending)
  • Cargo Rack Net: for quickly securing loads. (photos here)
  • ‘Way Lighter’ Components: including a carbon front rack, steerer tube, steering rod and wheelset making one of the lightest, fastest adventure-ready cargo bikes more versatile than ever. (photos pending)

Visit their stand for an exclusive first look on our new products!

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Exclusive Builds and Artist Collaborations

Discover special custom builds at the OMNIUM stand including a special Mini-Max frame painted by renowned artist Dr. Curtis Bullock (@savethepostalservice), known for his bold and vibrant designs. He says: “I love cargo bikes — and it was so awesome to work with OMNIUM for the first time on this one.  It’s such a capable and fun bike, and the loading options are amazing.”

Previously used to complete the 2023 Silk Road Mountain Race, we also present the latest incarnation of Allan’s performance OMNIUM Cargo bike, and his very loud, custom OMNIUM CXC sprinkled with all our favourite components.

Lastly, see our infamous tall OMNIUM Cargo with a dual-belt drive at the Gates stand (12.1, A35), and a rare Rolhoff Mini-Max at the Rolhoff stand (12.1, D30).

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Connect and Party with Us

Don't miss our off EUROBIKE party on the 4th of July — our party where you can escape the usual corporate events around Eurobike. We’ll have plenty of fresh pizza and a ton of craft beer from Copenhagen. Come and hang with the OMNIUM crew, our founder Jimmi Bargisen, and our friends from the industry for an evening of good music, great company, and Späti vibes (or Wasserhäuschen vibes if you’re a Frankfurter). Register for details and to attend here:

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Meet the Team

Throughout EUROBIKE, our sales team will be available for chats and meetings at our main stand in Hall 8.0, eager to explore opportunities and connect with both new and current dealers. From Friday onwards, our founder Jimmi, along with OMNIUM ambassador Allan Shaw, will also be present. Hang out, chat with our crew and grab a beer, a load of fresh stickers and other goodies.

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Your Invitation

We invite you to experience our bikes first-hand, join us at our party, and meet the OMNIUM crew. Visit us at our main stand in Hall 8.0, Stand B18, or test ride our bikes at Area F11, Stand E09. To join the OMNIUM party on the 4th of July, you will need to register ( Book a meeting with Darren Walsh our Head of Sales ( or Jorrit Spoelstra our Germany Account Manager (, or just show up and have a beer with us. For more information, reach out to Leo Tong, Marketing Manager, at [email protected].

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Launched in 2012, with deep roots in the spirited cycle messenger culture, we create bikes renowned for their speed, agility, lightness, and extraordinary versatility. Favoured by messengers worldwide, we are proud that our flagship models — the Cargo and Mini-Max — stand as some of the most robust, adaptable, and versatile bikes on the planet, capable of handling the heaviest, most awkward loads imaginable. For over a decade, owners all over the world have tested the limits of our bikes in the most challenging environments.

Based in Copenhagen, the birthplace of our company, we produce the highest quality bikes that stand up to the rigors of daily commuters, messengers, and adventure seekers. With designs that blend simplicity and utility, we offer tools that empower people to explore, carry, and enjoy life on two wheels. Every OMNIUM is built to be fun, familiar, and unfussy — capturing the sense of freedom that cycling offers while providing the stability and capacity needed for any task. Our ongoing mission is to meaningfully change how people live and move in cities, inspiring individuals and communities by proving that with the right bike, they can do almost anything, anywhere, anytime.

About Twotone Amsterdam

The roots of Twotone go back in 2007, when Twotone’s founder – Jon Woodroof – cofounded a fixed-gear focused bike shop in Atlanta, GA named No Brakes. His clothes nearly always matched his track bike & he earned the nickname Twotone. Jon cut his teeth on promoting his own shop, the brands they sold, and even suppliers, athletes, and other organisations they partnered with all before Instagram!

Those entrepreneurial roots grew into the hold your line, you'll be fine full-send approach to how we run our business today. A 10-year-old nickname became a Dutch BV in 2014 & Twotone has become THE one-stop-shop for cycling-savvy sales, marketing, and PR across Europe in the USA.

Over the course of the past nearly 9 years of helping brands find their way & have their say, we’re grateful for the successes, lessons, and trust! Schedule a meeting to learn more!

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