Ampler launches new generation light e-bikes adding new security and usability features while increasing its footprint in Europe

7 March 2022 – The Estonian e-bike producer, who is on a mission to offer emotive zero emission commuting for everyone, is releasing Ampler Juna, a relaxed, comfort-oriented everyday e-bike, as well as Ampler Axel, ​​a nimble commuter e-bike to support your active lifestyle. Ampler is also increasing its footprint in Europe with the opening of new showrooms in Amsterdam and Zurich - the Estonian direct to consumer brand already has showrooms in Tallinn, Berlin and Cologne.

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Ampler e-bikes are one of the lightest in their category as the new bikes weigh in at only 16.3 - 16.5 kg and come fully-equipped with lighting, fenders and a kickstand. Ampler Juna is the e-bike producer’s most relaxed e-bike yet. It pairs a high-performance motor with a relaxed upright geometry and a convenient low-step frame that makes cycling stable and safe. The frames are suited for riders starting at 150 cm, making it one of the most inclusive bikes in the industry today. 

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The Ampler Axel’s active riding position delivers the balance between sporty and relaxed, making the ride feel active and responsive. Its dynamic motor support makes cycling silent and effortless - setting new standards for cycling in the city. 

“Launching the second generation marks a huge milestone for Ampler. It celebrates years of development based on our own experience of riding bikes. It combines the learnings from servicing and assembling them including all the feedback  we have gathered from thousands of Ampler riders. We call it the second generation because almost everything is new, including fully in-house developed frames and electronics systems built to deliver the full Ampler experience. It is our passion to create electric bikes that serve the urban commuters - bikes that are exciting, long-lasting, safe and built responsibly. I believe we made a big leap towards our goal with the new generation,” - comments Ardo Kaurit, CEO & Co-founder of Ampler. 

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Both of the new models sport low maintenance Gates single speed belts making them easy to use and to take care of. Both Juna and Axel are equipped with 27,5” rims and 50 mm  puncture-protected tires, which make the ride safe and comfortable on almost any surface. Other noteworthy improvements include internal cable routing and an improved battery integrated in the downtube which can be removed for servicing. The new integrated Trelock fender-rear lights now have a brake light function and the brighter front lights from Busch & Müller make the bikes visible even in the toughest conditions. For both models, a rear carrier and trailer adapter are available optionally. The rear hub motor was developed by Ampler - combined with the torque sensor it dynamically amplifies rider’s pedal power making for a smooth and natural ride. There is no resistance felt with the motor support turned off.

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 Other big improvements for a worry-free ride is the power button that is now located under the top tube as well as the sleekly integrated display which provides ride statistics, battery range and offers an interface to control motor support and the lights. Furthermore, both Ampler Juna and Axel come with integrated GPS functionality that allows owners to locate and remotely access their bikes at all times. Ampler bikes can still be used without a smartphone, but the app - developed in-house - and soon accessible to all Ampler models, did see a big upgrade offering statistics, greater control and security functionality, e.g. locking the power button and thus motor from unauthorized use.

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Another big upgrade for the Estonian e-bike company is opening their own brand-new paint line in Tallinn with 1.300 m2 space. This ensures their own quality control for a more durable powder coating for the bike frames. 

 Ardo Kaurit comments: “It has been an exciting journey, as seeing thousands of Ampler riders in the cities of Europe just warms our hearts. Making cycling desirable for more people has been one of our goals from the beginning and offering a great overall bike ownership experience is one of the means to support that. We welcome new riders to join our journey, so we can continue making zero-emission commuting accessible for everyone.”

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Ampler has been building a sustainable business since 2016. It has been growing steadily, creating a community of over 15 000 happy riders that gave extensive feedback to inform the development of the new models. Ampler works from the philosophy of in-housing wherever they believe they have additional value to add: all bikes are engineered and assembled in Ampler’s own factory in Estonia. The original Ampler line-up of the Curt, Stout and Stellar - currently on sale - will continue to be sold and serviced, with exciting information concerning their development following later this month on March 15. 


More new bikes coming on March 15th, 16:00 CET

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